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Intelliseek's ESS 4.0 supercharge businesses' relevant information.

Intelliseek recently announced the availability of Enterprise Search Server (ESS) 4.0 software, a breakthrough application that makes searching for the most comprehensive, relevant, up-to-date information and competitive intelligence more robust yet easier than ever for corporations, government agencies and enterprises.

Intelliseek developed the concept of "true enterprise search and intelligence" and with ESS 4.0, they've redefined this concept by providing access to vast amounts of targeted information that were previously inaccessible to businesses or agencies interested in keeping up with the "the big picture" in real time. The result of more than four years of research and development into federated search, ESS 4.0 integrates filtering, summarizing and categorizing technology developed by Intelliseek internally and using technology recently acquired from Coreintellect, Inc. The net result is that users are presented only the relevant information they want and need for top- notch enterprise planning and decisions, research and competitive intelligence.

In addition, ESS 4.0 greatly expands the universe of information that can be searched by mining and extracting data from thousands of disparate sources: the Internet, the Extranet, Intranets, internal company documents, management systems and databases, external research and subscription sources, publications, the media, online Internet discussions and more--sources never before accessible or within reach of traditional "search" or indexing products. It automatically organizes and categorizes relevant information, keeps track of what has changed, alerts users to new information, creates high-quality summaries, and seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise applications.

"Before you can connect all the dots, you have to make sure you collect all the relevant dots," said Mahendra Vora, Chairman and CEO of Intelliseek. "Enterprise search, research and competitive intelligence are now easier, smarter, cheaper and quicker than ever before, and ESS offers real bottom-line benefits. For the first time, ESS integrates the key components of best- possible search technology into one product. ESS is a dream come true for knowledge workers who are required to keep up with the most comprehensive, relevant information and intelligence--in real time, all the time--to make the best possible decisions."

With one product, clients can cut the amount and expense of research while greatly enhancing the relevancy of information they discover using ESS. ESS benefits include:

* True Enterprise Search: able to search thousands of disparate sources of information and data, enabling companies to find robust information intelligently and quickly. According to recent IDC research, traditional search technologies access only an estimated 50%-60% of the information available.

* Easily Implemented: seamlessly integrates into various existing technologies and infrastructures without requiring reindexing, thereby saving companies additional investments in hardware, software or applications to tie incompatible systems together. A typical out-of-the-box ESS deployment, linking hundreds of searchable sources, takes only hours to install and less than two weeks for total setup.

* High ROI (Return on Investment): real-time information deployment with ESS equals a high ROI by generating new sales leads, identifying niche markets, monitoring competitors, gathering intelligence and reacting rapidly to market and economic challenges. Using ESS, clients can achieve ROI in less than three months.

ESS features include:

* Fully integrated product: represents the first enterprise solution that integrates federated search, indexing (traditional search), adaptive learning, text analyses, automated categorization, intelligent tracking, alerting and knowledge sharing technologies with a single customizable user interface.

* Built-in business productivity tools: converts search into a business application by providing real-time categorization of search results, intelligent summaries of relevance ranked documents with customizable reports for sharing and distribution, ability to track a research topic or a specific competitor, and others. Built-in alerts keep users updated on the latest information and breaking issues.

* Multi-language capabilities: enables global deployment by searching non-English Web sites, including Arabic, Chinese and Spanish--ideal for government use, global enterprises, international competitive intelligence and worldwide research.

* Administration tools and Agent Development Kit (ADK): provides secure, administrative capabilities, allowing users to add, edit, and remove search sources easily for true enterprise search and ongoing ESS administration.

* Enterprise level security features: handles native security requirements to deliver information securely.

The new features included in ESS 4.0 were spurred in part by user feedback from many of Intelliseek's current customers, including In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, General Electric Capital Aviation Services, Procter & Gamble, Ford Motor Co., MITRE and others. Intelliseek ESS 4.0 is available immediately. Price varies depending on installation needs.
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