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Intelligent agent technology; proceedings.


Intelligent agent technology; proceedings.

IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (2006: Hong Kong, China)

Computer Society Press


779 pages




These proceedings from the December 2006 conference include invited papers, regular papers and short papers examining the design principles and performance characteristics of various approaches to intelligent agent technology, the goal being to increase the cross-fertilization of ideas on the development of autonomous agent and multi-agent systems among different domains. The keynote paper describes the role of neuroscience in artificial intelligence and the invited papers examine service-oriented science, advances in background knowledge and approximation needed for ontology-mapping, a rough set approach to approximate reasoning, and the engagement in conversation of synthetic agents along the virtuality continuum. Topics of regular and short papers include autonomy-oriented computing, autonomous knowledge and information agents, agent systems modeling and methodology, distributed problem solving, applications, and industry tracking. The editors include an author index.

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