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Intelligent Loader for Large-scale Underground Production.

Sandvik introduced the LH621i, its second i-series loader. The high-capacity loader is the optimal unit for rapid mine development and large-scale underground production, the company reported.

Considering the loader's payload capacity, it is ideally paired with the TH663i truck. The LH621i was built on proven technology inherited from its market-leading predecessor, the LH621, and now it enters the market equipped with further improved features, Sandvik reported.

Built with the hydraulic power needed for fast bucket filling, and the drivetrain power for high ramp speeds, the LH621i is designed to quickly clear tunnel headings for rapid advance rates. Engineered with personnel safety in mind, the loader offers long component lifetimes and low costs per metric ton (mt), the company reported.

For product health monitoring and troubleshooting, the Sandvik LH621 i features the latest Sandvik Intelligent Control System and My Sandvik Digital Services Knowledge Box onboard hardware as standard. The unit was designed automation ready, enabling Sandvik's AutoMine installation, offered as a retrofit.

To improve comfort and productivity in manual operation, significant improvements were made to the operator's compartment, the company reported. The loader features a new, more spacious and ergonomic cabin, with increased visibility and a 7-in. touch-screen color display.

In the engine compartment, a fuel-efficient 352-kW, Stage II, Tier 2 engine delivers the needed thrust for fast bucket filling and high-speed tramming for high productivity, Sandvik reported. A new, more powerful, 375-kW, Tier 4f, Stage IV low-emission engine option is available. The diesel engine brake in the Stage IV, Tier 4f engine provides better control of vehicle speed downhill, minimizing brake and transmission overheating and brake wear, the company reported. SHARK Ground Engaging Tools are available on a wide range of bucket sizes, optimized for loader productivity and extended bucket service life.

Sandvik's i series loader and truck family now spans two loaders and three trucks: Sandvik LH517i, Sandvik LH621i, Sandvik TH545i, Sandvik TH551i and Sandvik TH663i.

Separately, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology introduced an operator training simulator to provide a compact and flexible solution to safely train operators and maintenance teams on the DD422i, DD422iE and DT922i drill rigs. It provides a low-weight, safe training tool that is highly portable, enabling it to be used wherever it is most needed on-site, the company reported.

The Operator Training Simulator weighs less than 50 kg. It delivers real-life training in a simulated working environment, with drill rig operators and maintenance teams learning about rig capabilities before progressing to the actual equipment, Sandvik reported.

The simulator acts like a real rig, operated with authentic controls and combined with the same control system software as that installed on the drills themselves. It comes with purpose-developed software that includes a range of specific exercises for recording and measuring operator behavior. The trainer can initiate machine faults, incidents or hazards to train and assess operators, thereby ensuring they are able to respond correctly to any scenario with maximum efficiency, the company reported.

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Publication:E&MJ - Engineering & Mining Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2019
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