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Intelligence Center offers MTTs on cultural awareness, intel topics.

The United States Army Intelligence Center (USAIC) in conjunction with U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Forces Command (FORSCOM) and Department of the Army G2 executes Warfighter Function (WFF)-related mobile training for units preparing for future deployments in support of the global war on terrorism (Operation Iraqi Freedom [OIF], Operation Enduring Freedom [OEF], Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa [HOA], Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay [GTMO]) and transformation.

This effort began in July 2004, and since that time more than 60,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have been trained.

Cultural Awareness Mobile Training Team (MTT)

This training provides a specific overview in Middle Eastern, Central Asian and African cultures, religion, geography and history in the form of train-the-trainer (TTT) and traditional training to warfighters. Intent is to provide the most up-to-date information available that is tailored to the level or intensity desired focusing on OIF/OEF/HOA/GTMO operations.

The Cultural Awareness (CA) MTTs:

* Conduct TTT to TRADOC schools in order for the schools to incorporate CA into their institutional training;

* Conduct TTT to FORSCOM units in order for the Soldiers to train their own units prior to deployment; and

* Conduct cultural awareness training for warfighters. Warfighter training is typically conducted in 16 to 8 hour training rotations.

The curriculum ranges from four to 40 hours and includes overviews on the country and culture as well as tactical application of cultural knowledge (TACK) exercises.

The following country studies are available by special request: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and Philippines.

Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collection Team MTT

The HUMINT Collection Team (HCT) training program objective is to prepare the deploying HCTs for operations in the area where they are getting ready to deploy (either Iraq or Afghanistan).

The HCT training program primary audience is HUMINT Collectors (97E) and Counterintelligence Special Agents (97B) of all ranks who are task organized into HCTs.

The HCT training program uses the lecture and conference methods of training to cover topics including legal parameters, applied culture, basic questioning, deception detection, Debriefing, and reporting.

During the last three days of the training, a culmination practical exercise based on a realistic scenario provides the Soldiers with situations they may encounter while conducting HUMINT operations in a deployed environment. During the culmination training exercise, the Soldiers apply everything they learned during the first six days of the training to real-life situations.

Tactical Questioning MTT

The tactical questioning (TQ) training program's objective is to prepare deploying Soldiers to be passive information collectors consistent with the Every Soldier a Sensor concept. The TQ training program's primary audience is Soldiers of all ranks and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

The TQ training program uses the lecture method of training to cover topics including cultural awareness, questioning techniques and SALUTE report, rapport building, nonverbal communication and detainee handling.

To Set Up an MTT

Units interested in setting up an MTT on any of the topics should contact Art Vigil at (520) 538-4338 or DSN 879-4338 or e-mail
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