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Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy, 3d ed.


Intelligence; from secrets to policy, 3d ed.

Lowenthal, Mark M.

CQ Press


334 pages




Centering his discussion on US practice and institutions, Lowenthal (president and CEO, Intelligence & Security Academy LLC, "a national security education, training, and consulting firm") introduces the role of intelligence in national security policy. He begins with a brief history and overview of the US intelligence community. He then offers thematic chapters on various intelligence activities that review their role in national security, their strengths, and problem. These chapters cover collection and the collection disciplines, analysis, counterintelligence, covert action, the role of the policy maker, and oversight and accountability, ethical and moral issues, and intelligence reform. Cold War and post-Cold War considerations are examined in a pair of chapters. A brief examination of the intelligence services of Britain, China, France, Israel, and Russia concludes the volume.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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