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Intellectual Property Insurance for the Financial Industry.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Amidst signs of economic recovery, the financial industry has begun seeking ways to rebuild their loan portfolios without adding undue liability to their asset base. Financial institutions want to confidently lend to fiscally-sound companies that possess the means to repay loans, including the borrower's ability to fund the cost of intellectual property (IP) litigation.


If a borrower's IP gets challenged in court, as a plaintiff or defendant, their IP may be in jeopardy if funds are not available to thoroughly and vigorously litigate. As trusted advisors, financial institutions can demonstrate that they have the best interest of the borrower in mind by ensuring they are able to protect their IP assets.

Whether it's defending their products against predatory business practices of others, maintaining their place in the market, or enforcing their IP rights to prevent others from copying their ideas, making it their own and taking precious market share away, IP litigation can be expensive and time-consuming.

Given its established track record of success, only IPISC has been able to offer the market a full scope of IP-specific coverages including Defense, Abatement, Multi-Peril and Unauthorized Disclosure policies on a worldwide basis. IPISC has helped ensure that the funds and the litigation support have been available for the policy holder to get through the litigation process.

IPISC's president, Robert Fletcher, reminds, "Surprisingly, despite the established availability of IP insurance, many financial institutions are unaware that it exists. Equally surprising is the number of financial institutions who assume their borrowers are covered for IP risk under their commercial insurance policies. IP insurance ensures that borrowers will have the money available to maximize their chances to win on the merits of the case. More importantly, borrowers will have the ability to protect their competitive advantage."

For further information, please contact Janet Zahnd, Sales/Marketing Manager, at, 502-855-5314,

About IPISC IPISC has remained the market leader and expert in the dynamic field of Intellectual Property (IP) Insurance by using advanced strategies to manage IP risks and protect the value of our clients' IP. We are committed to providing first-rate underwriting, insurance products and litigation management services.

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Date:Oct 16, 2013
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