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Intellectual Life in the Middle Ages: Essays Presented to Margaret Gibson.

E d. by Lesley Smith and Benedicta Ward. (London; Rio Grande, Ohio: The Hambledon Press, 1992), xiv + 322 pp. ISBN 1-85285-069-8. No price given. Twenty-one essays on a variety of topics in intellectual history are dedicated to Margaret Gibson, whose own work has ranged from Priscian to mediaeval ivories: J. L Nelson, |The intellectual in politics: context, content and authorship in the capitulary of Coulaines, November 843'; R. McKitterick, |Continuity and innovation in tenth-century Ottonian culture'; D. Ganz, "|Pando quod ignoro': in search of Carolingian artistic experience'; H. Mayr-Harting, |Ruotger, the fife of Bruno and Cologne Cathedral Library'; C. Jeudy, |A glossed manuscript of Priscian's Institulio, Vatican, MS Reg. Lat. 1578'; D. L. d'Avray, |Peter Damian, consanguinity and church property'; A. Murray, |The temptation of St Hugh of Grenoble'; P. W. Southern, |The necessity for two Peters of Blois'; D. Matthew, |Maio of Bari's commentary on the Lord's Prayer; M. Reeves, |The Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus. a question of authority'; M. Brett, |The Collectio Lanfrance and its competitors'; B. Ward, |Two letters relating to relics of St Thomas of Canterbury'; C. de Harnel, |A contemporary miniature of Thomas Becket'; C. Brooke, |Aspects of John of Salisbury's Historia Pontificalis'; R. W. Pfaff, Prescription and reality in the rubrics of Sarum Rite service books'; R. H. and M. A. Rouse, |Expenses of a mid thirteenth-century Paris scholar: Gerard of Abbeville'; A. B. Cobban, |Reflections on the role of medieval universities in contemporary society'; J. von Engen, "|God is no respecter of persons": sacred texts and social realities'; L. Smith, |Lending books: the growth of a medieval question from Langton to Bonaventure; M. Harvey, |The diffusion of the Doctrinale of Thomas Netter in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries'; V. I. J. Flint, |Christopher Columbus and the friars' -- all indexed and with a list of manuscripts, without which no collective volume should be allowed.
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Date:Mar 22, 1993
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