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Intellectual Freedom and Thriving School Libraries.

Practicing Intellectual Freedom in Libraries (ISBN: 978-1440863127,193 pp., $55), by Shannon M. Oltmann, provides an introduction to intellectual freedom as well as a comprehensive analysis. It explains the legal and theoretical foundations of intellectual freedom within library science and depicts the importance of community in implementing intellectual freedom. It examines real-world scenarios in context--internet filtering, collection development and weeding, fake news, and misinformation. There's a focus on how to apply intellectual freedom to your librarianship, develop a deeper understanding of its legal and theoretical bases, understand its theoretical and empirical foundations, and grasp the ways an institution's community affects its interpretation and application.

School Libraries in a Time of Change: How to Survive and Thrive (ISBN: 9781440873089,233 pp., $50), by Kathleen W. Craver, shows how to spot technological trends and use them to the library's advantage. It explains that school librarians need to become future forecasters and discusses the employment challenges they face in a time of technological change.

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Title Annotation:Books to Check Out: job-related reading
Author:Peterson-Sloss, Celeste
Publication:Computers in Libraries
Date:Nov 1, 2019
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