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IntelleCapital Announces Breakthrough Innovation Training Program.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31, 2000

New Program, Entitled 'BrandZOO', is Designed Specifically

to Help Companies Develop New Product and Service Offerings

IntelleCapital, Inc., a new training firm specializing in building world-class brands from the inside, announced the launch of its new BrandZOO ( innovation training program today.

BrandZOO teaches participants how to develop new ideas that can lead to new revenue opportunities, improved market awareness and a revitalized corporate culture.

"BrandZOO is a unique program that takes participants through entertaining, highly-productive brainstorming sessions designed to create new product and service offerings which can subsequently be deployed in the market," said founder and CEO John Davis. "The results lead to new market and revenue opportunities and a more productive, innovative and cohesive corporate culture. "

"BrandZOO brainstorming can transform organizations into thriving houses of innovation. Even the most forward thinking organizations find that their focus on the day-to-day can hamper their ability to recognize new opportunities. The benefits from BrandZOO include teaching participants new ways to solve problems and the development of new products and services that can lead to additional revenue streams and increased market value," stated co-founder and Chief Theatrical Officer Peter Davis.

BrandZOO is the result of the Davis' combined years of experience in business and theatrical entertainment. John, formerly an executive with NIKE, Transamerica, Informix and Woodside Hotels, worked with his teams to successfully launch over 50 global products which generated over $150 million of new revenue streams and $1 billion of additional market value. Peter, a Theatre and Communications Professor at the University of Illinois, has also taught at Tufts University and the University of Oregon, and has won acclaim and recognition for his theatrical efforts, including the prestigious "Best Director" American Theatre Award.

About IntelleCapital

IntelleCapital is all about Unleashing Extraordinary Brands -- it is an innovative brand solutions company focused on helping clients build great brands from the inside out. IntelleCapital believes that companies cannot dazzle customers without dazzling employees first.

With its unusual combination of extensive business and academic experience and a flair for inventiveness and irreverence, IntelleCapital is building a dynamic and FUN company and culture. For further information, visit the IntelleCapital Web site at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 31, 2000
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