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Intel to release new Xeon processors by end of 2005.

Worldwide Computer Products News-16 August 2005-Intel to release new Xeon processors by end of 2005(C)1995-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

Intel Corporation, a manufacturer of chips and other computer, networking and communications products, has revealed that the development of its dual-core, hyper-threaded Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon processors MP is ahead of schedule.

Intel said that the processors will enable software to manage information from up to four brains per Intel processor, resulting in improved speed, multi-tasking and server responsiveness. The company is reported to have started a wide evaluation programme involving thousands of dual-core platforms for enterprise customers and software developers.

The dual-core Intel Xeon processor MP using the Intel E8500 chipset is codenamed Paxville and is claimed to offer over 60% better performance. Intel's dual-core Xeon processor using the Intel E7250 chipset is codenamed Paxville DP and will offer dual processor servers and up to 50% improved performance.

The 64-bit Paxville and Paxville DP processors are to include security features such as Execute Disable Bit, along with better power management with Demand Based Switching, and are due for release by the end of 2005.

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Date:Aug 16, 2005
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