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Intel and VideoServer demonstrate historic multipoint desktop conference.

ANAHEIM, Ca.--(BUSINESS EDITORS)--Oct. 31, 1995--Intel Corp., the leading supplier of desktop conferencing products, and VideoServer, Inc., the leading supplier of multipoint conferencing servers, today demonstrated the first multipoint data, video and audio desktop conference fully compliant with the T.120 international communication standard.

The two companies conducted a simultaneous conference with several PCs equipped with Intel's ProShare(TM) Video System 200 all linked through VideoServer's Multimedia 440 conference server. The persons at each PC were able to see each other on the PC monitor, talk to each other through the PC speaker and microphone, share photographic images and annotate shared information with words and drawings on the PC.

"The promise of multipoint audio, data and video conferencing based on industry standards is at hand," said Robert L. Castle, president and CEO of VideoServer. "The technology we are demonstrating, as a result of our alliance with Intel, lets ProShare users reap the benefits of multipoint conferences."

"As the leader in the desktop conferencing industry, Intel is poised to deliver one of the first and most complete conferencing products fully compliant with the T.120 international communication standard," said Patrick Gelsinger, vice president and general manager of Intel's Personal Conferencing Division. "Intel's technology breakthrough with VideoServer will result in a rich set of tools for ProShare users to conduct multipoint conferences."

The VideoServer Multimedia 440 conference servers are the industry's first multipoint control units with H.320 audio-visual conferencing and T.120 conference endpoint support. This new capability dramatically improves the productivity of workgroups with members in different locations by letting any participant in a multipoint conference view, annotate and change data, spreadsheets, text or graphics images. VideoServer's Multimedia Conference Servers let people participate in network conferences between multiple sites by mixing audio and switching video so that people at each conference endpoint can hear the complete discussion and see any of the other participants. VideoServer management software provides easy scheduling of multimedia conferences across multiple machines and comprehensive diagnostics to quickly identify and correct any problems. The Multimedia 440 conference servers fully support the H.320 and T.120 protocols so that users can reside on different types of networks.

VideoServer, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSVR) is the leading supplier of networking equipment and associated software used to create multimedia conferences that connect multiple users over wide area networks and allow them to interact as a group. The company's products provide multipoint conferencing, as well as applications for conference control, network management and bandwidth management. VideoServer sells its products to leading videoconferencing equipment suppliers, telephone carriers, conferencing service providers, computer companies and others.

Intel's ProShare Personal Conferencing family includes a full range of interoperable data and video conferencing products, including the ProShare Video System 200 which enables Intel486(TM) and Pentium(R) processor-based PCs to conduct video and data conferences. Additional information about Intel's ProShare Personal Conferencing products is available from Intel's FaxBACK Information Service at 1-800-525-3019 and on Intel's World Wide Web site,

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of personal computer, networking and communications products.

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Date:Oct 31, 1995

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