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Intel Strengthens Commitment to Applied Computing With Faster Pentium III and Celeron Processors; Five OS Vendors Join Intel Applied Computing Platform Provider Program.

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 23, 2000

Intel Corporation today broadened the performance and range of its Pentium(R) III and Celeron(TM) processors for applied computing applications consisting of high-performance, connected systems designed for dedicated use.

New building blocks added to Intel's extended lifecycle roadmap include higher-speed Pentium III and Celeron processors and enhanced tools for board and system development. In addition, five new companies joined the Intel(R) Applied Computing Platform Provider (ACPP) program.

Today's announcement comprises:

-- Intel Pentium III processor, 733 MHz, in FC-PGA package, 256K

L2 cache on die, 133 MHz processor side bus

-- Intel Pentium III processor, 700 MHz, in FC-PGA package, 256K

L2 cache on die, 100 MHz processor side bus

-- Intel Celeron processor, 566 MHz, in FC-PGA package, 128K L2

cache on die

-- Intel Pentium III processor - Low Power, 500 MHz, in BGA


-- Intel Celeron processor - Low Power, 400 MHz, in BGA package

-- Leading operating system vendors in the Intel ACPP program

Products and Support for the Future

"Today's announcement greatly widens developers' choices by expanding the range of performance and price options available including faster Pentium III and Celeron processors," said Joe Jensen, general manager, Embedded Intel Architecture Division. "With its comprehensive offering of processor technologies and extended lifecycle solutions, Intel is boosting both its momentum and commitment of support for applied computing applications in commercial and industrial market segments."

Higher Performance, Extended Lifecycle Support

The Pentium III processor at 700 and 733 MHz with extended life cycle support brings a new level of performance to compute-intensive applied computing applications. Combined with the Intel 840 Chipset, the Pentium III processor at 733 MHz offers increased performance with a processor side bus at 133 MHz. The Intel 840 Chipset delivers high bandwidth, dual processing capability and support for up to 4 GB of high-throughput RDRAM memory. The Pentium III processor at 700 MHz is validated with both the 440BX AGPset and the Intel 810 Chipset.

The Celeron processor at 566 MHz in the FC-PGA package brings new levels of performance at an exceptional value for developers of applied computing products. Fully compatible with the PGA 370 socket specification, the FC-PGA package is Intel's latest offering for processors targeted at small form factor, cost-sensitive designs while delivering maximum performance and scalability.

The Pentium III processor -- Low Power (500 MHz) and the Celeron processor -- Low Power (400 MHz) offer new performance and value options to thermally sensitive, space-constrained applied computing applications. The 440BX AGPset supports both processors.

Scalability for Lower Cost, Faster Time to Market

The Intel Scalable Performance Board Design program enables developers to design a single board that can be populated at build time with any of the Pentium III or Celeron processors in a 370-pin PGA package without modification. The program provides price and performance options, lower total cost of ownership, and reduces the validation effort for multiple designs, resulting in faster time to market.

ACPP Program Embraces Software

The Intel Applied Computing Platform Provider program has added five industry-leading operating system companies that support, enable, or deliver solutions optimized for Intel products for applied computing market segments. New members include LynuxWorks, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, QNX Software Systems Ltd., VenturCom, Inc., and Wind River Systems, Inc. Now with a membership totaling 15 companies, the Intel ACPP program encompasses board and system developers as well as operating system suppliers. Intel building blocks and ACPP solutions are optimized to provide customized, validated platforms to application developers resulting in reduced time to market and new, innovative products.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking, and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 23, 2000
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