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Intel RealSense 3D scanning: How To Scan then Prep for Blender & Unity.

India, Oct. 28 -- The most recent SDK for the Intel(R) RealSenseTM F200 camera now includes 3D scanning. This is an amazing feature and will allow developers and digital artists to scan in real world objects to use in their projects. One use case is to scan in a real world object and use in Unity. This is a 3 part blog series that will walk you through the process.

In this first step I will show you how to scan an object and convert it to PLY format using MeshLab. This is a step to get the color information from the scan in a useable for other programs like Unity

Below are the follow steps in this series. This post will cover the first 2. For Steps 3 and 4 follow the links once you finish steps in this post

What you need to complete:

Step 1 of 4:

Using the Intel(R) RealSense SDK to Scan.

After installing the Intel(R) RealSense SDK. Go to the Charm Bar in Windows and Search for "RealSense". In the list you will find RealSense SDK Sample Browser. Right click and select Run as Administrator

In the Sample Browser you will see there a Section for Common Samples. These are samples that will work on both the F200 and R200 cameras. Find the Sample called 3D Scan (C++) .

Things to know when 3D Scanning

Scanning Steps

Step 2 of 4: Converting to PLY format

The OBJ Format is the default format you get from the scan. You can convert to a PLY using a free tool call MeshLab.

You are now ready to move on to Blender to clean up the mesh and convert the vertex colors to a UV Map

Continue with this post: converting vertex colors to UV Map and edit your 3D Mesh for lower vertex/poly count in Blender

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Date:Oct 28, 2015
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