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Integrity of politicians on asset value declaration questioned.

KARACHI -- The nation does not expect any good from the financially and morally corrupt politicians who have even no integrity and moral upright to declare the correct market valuation of their assets, said Pasban President Altaf Shakoor here Friday. Addressing a meeting of Pasban candidates at the FB Area here, he said misdeclaration of asset value is a tax fraud and serious crime. He said the corrupt politicians who have misdecalared their assets worth trillions of rupees are morally disqualified from leading the nation and country. He said it is an open secret that these corrupt politicians and their families have amassed these assets through corruption and bribery.

These people could even sell out the whole Pakistani nation for their vested interests. He said if we study the history of the feudal families of Pakistan, we will see that their ancestors were the touts of the British rulers and traitors of the Muslim nation. Their hands were colored with the blood of Muslim freedom fighters. They got huge estates as the prize of the blood of these innocent martyrs. He said the nation expects only same disloyalty from the present generation of these national traitor families and dynasties. He said the time has already passed of further rule of these dishonest and disloyal people as they are fully exposed before the nation now. Altaf Shakoor said the Pasban is in the political field to challenge these corrupt and dishonest people. He said no candidate of Pasban belongs to Wadera and feudal class.

We have given tickets to people belonging to the masses. He said that the Pasban is wagging a brave struggle for the constitutional rights of the megacities. He said Karachi is a big megacity and no other party but Pasban is demanding to accept its megacity status in the constitution of Pakistan so that it could get due share for its true urban progress and prosperity. He said that Inshallah Pasban's future MNAs would table a constitutional amendment in the next National Assembly for the megacity rights. He said the Pasban's heroic struggle for the rights of Karachi and its citizens is before the nation and we will continue to raise voice for the rights of Karachi and Karachiites.

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Publication:The Messenger (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 23, 2018
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