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Integration of seismic and rock physics interpretation to confirm Hydrocarbon bearing zone of Meyal area.

Byline: Usman Ali

sman Ali, Mohsin Tariq, Bilal Aslam and Yasir Zaib

_: A two-dimensional seismic interpretation was carried out in the upper Indus Basin Meyal area to confirm the reservoir characteristics of Chorgali Formation and to define potential locations for test drilling. Time and Depth contour maps of Chorgali Formation helped us to confirm the presence of anticlinal structure in the given area. Surface contour map of Chorgali Formation gives the real shape of sub-surface structure which is anticlinal. This anticlinal structure acts as a trap in the area, which is best for the hydrocarbon accumulation. The corresponding 3D time and depth surface maps also confirmed the above findings. Poisson's ratio and elastic moduli of Chorgali Formation are calculated from Seismic data. Poisson's ratio can be correlated with the elastic moduli (White, 1983). For dry rocks, Poisson's ratio varies directly with Young bulk and shear moduli. Whereas for rocks having fluids, Poisson's ratio tends to increase with decreasing Young bulk and shear moduli (John et al., 2005).

This quantitative relationship may provide a simple rule to guess whether the rocks are dry or wet. This theory gives the result that Poisson ratio is inversely proportion to the Elastic Moduli, which means that Chorgali Formation is wet and have fluids, which by correlating with well interpretation can said to be as Hydrocarbons.

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Publication:Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Date:Dec 31, 2012
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