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Integration Announces Open Source Availability for the EZMac(TM) Family of Products.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Integration Associates, a high performance analog, mixed-signal semiconductor solutions provider for wireless, wireline, and power management applications announced today that its EZMac[TM], EZMac Lite[TM], and EZMac Plus[TM] embedded access control software is now available online via open source, an initiative which Integration supports and considers beneficial for the developer community. The EZMac software may now be directly downloaded through Integration's website by obtaining a click-through license. The Chipset Development Kit (IA PIC-DK1) is available for customers using the EZMac Media Access Controller software, which includes a wireless development suite CDROM, two PIC[TM] design hardware boards (IA MSC-DBSB1), and two PIC Microcontrollers containing embedded test application IC code.

Integration's EZMac is a media access control module developed in "C" code for use with Integration's ISM transceiver products and third-party MCUs to create very low cost mesh networks. With EZMac, transceiver application designers are provided with a simplified interface to the physical radio layer that manages the delivery of signals and their associated packets from the transmitter to the receiver, between nodes.

Running in the background on the main CPU in two interrupt service routines, EZMac transmits data in short packets (16 byte maximum payload), and supports data transmission using the internal baud rate generator of the transceiver chip. The EZMac's state machine behavior is determined by a set of parameters stored in the different registers. The MAC engine supports four basic modes (sleep, idle, transmit, and receive) via nine basic machine states (sleep, wake-up, idle, check DQD, receive packet, packet is valid, listen before talk, transmit packet, transmit error).

In addition to enabling the data communication automatically, EZMac provides a number of value-added features to ease application design while keeping the implementation to a simple, turnkey level. EZMac offers a range of addressing modes for customizable packet filtering, including customer ID, sender ID, destination ID, and packet length (see below for more details on packet filtering options). EZMac also works in connection with the receiver's DQD (data quality detector) to support fast frequency-hopping when needed to find a valid packet transmission. Along with customizable addressing/filtering modes, EZMac provides a comprehensive error detection and management capability, including collision error, synchronization error, start of packet missing, bad CID, bad address, bad CRC, and bad packet length.

Key Features

* Supports Integration's ISM band transceivers

* Supports industry-standard microcontrollers (requires 5 I/Os)

* Internal baud rate generator

* 16 byte payload per packet

* Dedicated crystal oscillator for exact timing

* DQD (data quality detector) for FSK fast frequency hopping

* Configurable packet filtering (customer ID, sender ID, destination ID, packet length, cycle redundancy code)

* Multiple error detection (collision error, synchronization error, start of packet error, bad CID, bad address, bad CRC, bad packet length)

* Nine basic machine states (sleep, wake up, idle, check DQD, receive packet, packet ready, listen before talk, transmit packet, transmit error)

* Supports various addressing modes (broadcast, multicast, promiscuous)

* Full function and reduced function versions available

* Patents pending

About Integration Associates

Integration Associates is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Mountain View, California, with design centers and offices in both North America and Europe. Integration Associates designs and delivers tested wafers and packaged ICs for wireless, wireline, and power system management for a wide range of applications. For more information about Integration Associates and its products, visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 8, 2007
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