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Integrating patient data into the EHR.

Automating the collection of data from patient-monitoring devices at the bedside and integrating it into the electronic health record will cost less than manual data entry and reduce transcription errors. Nearly all Most Wired facilities have a system in place for automatic updates of blood glucose compared with less than three-quarters of all surveyed hospitals. More Most Wired hospitals link electrocardiogram, blood pressure and pulse oximetry readings directly.


To speed up collaboration with physicians on an integrated inpatient and outpatient medical record, almost 90 percent of Most Wired organizations report subsidizing physician-office EHRs. Even with hospital support, Most Wired hospitals report a much higher percentage of employed physician practices with electronic clinical documentation, CPOE and decision support implemented; independent physician practices lag in EHR implementation by about 40 percent.

Each month, H&HN will provide continuing coverage of the annual Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study and other IT issues. The survey is mode possible through o partnership among H&HN, the American Hospital Association and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives, McKesson Corp. and HIT Exchange. AT&T and CareTech Solutions provide additional support.
Patient monitoring results sent directly to patient's EHR

 * 2011 All * 2011 Most Wired

Blood glucose 71% 88%
ECG 61% 80%
Bedside blood pressure 48% 71%
Bedside pulse oximetry 48% 70%
Bedside lab tests 47% 65%

Source: Hospitals & Health Networks' Most Wired Survey, 2011

Note: Table made from the bar graph.

Differences in physician office EHRs in Most Wired organizations

Percentage of physician practices in which the following
physician-office EHR functionalities are implemented (weighted

 Employed Independent
 physician physician
 practices practices

Electronic clinical documentation 74% 43%
Results viewing 80% 57%
CPOE 71% 41%
Decision support 73% 41%

Source: Hospitals & Health Networks' Most Wired Survey, 2011

Note: Table made from the bar graph.
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