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Integrating hypnosis with psychotherapy; the legacy of Buddhism and neuroscience.


Integrating hypnosis with psychotherapy; the legacy of Buddhism and neuroscience.

Araoz, Daniel L.

McFarland & Co.


211 pages



Psychologist and counselor Araoz (clinical mental health counseling, Long Island U. Post) discusses the use of clinical hypnosis in psychodynamic therapy, psychoanalysis, or hypnoanalysis by psychoanalysts and other mental health practitioners, as well as by people looking to improve their lives and apply hypnotic methods to daily living. He defines hypnosis as a mind exercise of the subject, not the hypnotist, and combines Creative Imagination work with New Hypnosis to show how to activate the patient's fantasy to create a new inner reality of the self that will replace the old one. He describes hypnoanalysis and how it is centered on the patient as an individual, then the nature of hypnosis; its history; variations; relationship to suggestibility and projection, mental images, and fantasy; levels of awareness; the phenomenon of dissociation; and principles of hypnosis induction. He details the development of psychoanalytic thinking, the concept of fantasy in human sexuality and thinking, dreams and auto-hypnosis, auto-hypnosis as therapeutic regression, personality disorders and hypnotic approaches for each, principles and practical aspects of hypnoanalysis as experiential learning, the activation of unconscious resources, hypnoanalysis as holistic psychoanalysis, and the relationship to Buddhism. Some chapters end with suggestions for using hypnosis in daily living.

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Date:Aug 1, 2012
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