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Integrated Circuit, Hybrid and Multichip Module Package Design Guidelines: A Focus on Reliability.

Product design and development as well as manufacturing require an organized, disciplined and time-phased approach, which in turn, requires a thorough engineering and management commitment to certain fundamental steps in product development. This book addresses three of these steps: identifying potential failure sites and failure mechanisms, characterizing the materials and the manufacturing processes, and designing reliable products within the capabilities of the materials and manufacturing processes used. The text also presents design guidelines for reliable micro-electronic packages, and provides a scientific basis for design decisions that will help ensure that the manufactured product survives the life-cycle profile.

Chapter 1 begins with a discussion of the importance of designing reliable microelectronic packages, and introduces the fundamentals of electronic packaging and interconnect technologies. Designing for reliability is covered in Chapter 2 along with failure mechanisms, manufacturing process verification and control, yields and defects, and derating. Chapter 3 provides an overview of the design process and discusses interconnection and substrate technologies, and package type and mounting.

Detailed design guidelines begin in Chapter 4 with substrates, and continue through individual chapters on wire and wirebonds, tape automated bonding, flip-chip bonding, attachment, cases, leads and lead seals. Chapter 12 concludes the design guidelines with a discussion of the lid and lid seal. These guidelines are meant to be used independently by both experienced electronic package designers and novices. Each chapter presents an example of the design flow and incorporates dimensional configurations of the various package elements, manufacturing conditions, material selection and stress conditions.

The text is a compilation of the works of many expert contributors from the research staffs of several universities and well-known companies in the field. For those interested in the physics of failure mechanisms and the use of this knowledge for reliable package designs, this book is an invaluable aid.

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Author:Bashore, Frank; Neut, Amy Vander
Publication:Microwave Journal
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 1, 1995
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