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Integer programming; theory and practice.


Integer programming; theory and practice.

Ed. by John K. Karlof.

CRC / Taylor & Francis


316 pages



The operations research series


Karlof (mathematics, U. of North Carolina at Wilmington) presents a varied selection of papers dealing with theory and applications in integer programming. Ten chapters discuss such topics as constructive and iterative search methods for solving the Boolean optimization problem, convergent Lagrangian techniques that use objective level- cut and domain-cut methods to solve separable nonlinear integer- programming problems, the generalized assignment problem concerned with assigning m agents to M tasks to minimize assignment costs and enforce resource limitations, decomposition methods for obtaining bounds on the optimal value of solutions to integer linear- programming problems. Also discussed are models and solution algorithms for the rescheduling of air flights resulting from the temporary closure of airports, determination of the optimal mix of self-owned and chartered vessels of different types needed to transport products, determination of the assortment of products that must be carried by retail chain stores to maximize profit, noncommercial software tools for the solution of mixed-integer linear programs, and other applications.

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