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Intalio to Release Entire BPMS Under Open Source License.

Intalio|BPMS to Be Released Under Mozilla Public License With Attribution

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Intalio, Inc., The Open Source BPMS Company, today announced that Intalio|BPMS Community Edition will be released under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) amended with the Generic Attribution Provision submitted to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) earlier this year.

"Intalio just crossed the marks of 100 paying customers and 5,000 organizations using our software worldwide," said Ismael Ghalimi, Intalio founder and CEO. "Making Intalio|BPMS Community Edition available under an Open Source license should accelerate our growth and establish the company on a fast track to become the BPM market share leader in 2007."

"There has been a need for Open Source BPM solutions in the market place, but we haven't seen any candidates that meet the market need to date," said Jim Sinur, vice president, distinguished analyst at Gartner. "That need is predicated on making BPM easy for lesser skilled process developers, and our hope is that this will evolve quickly enough to compete with the BPMS leaders."

Intalio|BPMS Community Edition includes an Eclipse-based business process design tool that supports the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). It also generates executable processes using the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), a BPEL execution engine that can be deployed on top of any J2EE application server, and a workflow framework that supports the BPEL4People model developed by IBM (NYSE:IBM) and SAP (NYSE:SAP).

Users of the Open Source Intalio|BPMS Community Edition can later on upgrade to Intalio|BPMS Enterprise Edition through a yearly subscription plan. Using a model similar to the one pioneered by other commercial open source companies such as JBoss, SugarCRM and Zimbra, customers of Intalio|BPMS Enterprise Edition get access to professional support, patch updates, advanced enterprise features, and a comprehensive Open Source indemnification program, which together provide enterprise-grade support for the product, lower barrier to adoption compared to closed-source alternatives, and give end users and OEM customers access to a thriving community of developers.

"We are pleased to see industry-leading vendors such as Intalio move to an Open Source business model and adopt the amended MPL that we have been promoting," said John Roberts, SugarCRM CEO. "This will certainly help bring Business Process Management to a mainstream audience, much like SugarCRM did for Customer Relationship Management over the past couple of years."

"More and more commercial Open Source vendors are adopting versions of the Mozilla Public License amended with simple attribution clauses," said Mark Radcliffe, a partner at DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US who also serves as outside General Counsel to the Open Source Initiative (OSI). "Intalio's decision confirms the need for a generic attribution provision, and I urge OSI to ratify the one recommended by Socialtext."

While Intalio|BPMS Community Edition will be developed through Intalio's own Open Source community hosted at, Intalio will continue to increase its participation to the STP BPMN project hosted by the Eclipse Foundation, and the ODE BPEL project hosted by the Apache Software Foundation. The code produced by both projects and originally donated by Intalio will be integrated back into Intalio|BPMS Community Edition on a regular basis.

The code for Intalio|BPMS Community Edition will be released in the first quarter of 2007 and will be available at

About Intalio, Inc.

Intalio is the leading vendor of Open Source BPMS and helps over 5,000 organizations of all sizes get the most return on investment from their Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) by developing and deploying new business processes without having to write code. Founded in July 1999, Intalio is a privately-held, venture-backed company located in Redwood City, California. For more information on Intalio, please call 650-596-1800 or visit

Intalio|BPMS is a trademark of Intalio, Inc. All other names, brands or products may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Note to Editors: In the name Intalio/BPMS noted in this news release, there is a pipe symbol between Intalio and BPMS.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 12, 2006
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