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Int'l confab on reed bed conservation to open in Shiga.

OTSU, Japan, June 8 Kyodo A three-day international workshop on the conservation of reeds on lakeshores and riverbanks will begin June 26 in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture in western Japan, the Kansai Organization for Natural Conservation said Tuesday.

The Osaka-based group said ecology experts from Germany and France will join their peers in Japan at the International Workshop on the Conservation of Reed Beds and public forum, which will be held at the Lake Biwa Museum and Amica Hall in Kusatsu.

The workshop aims to discuss how human and animal activity affect reed beds and examine ways to conserve, restore or better manage reed beds which function as a natural water purification system.

Speakers from overseas are scheduled to talk about the ecology and conservation of reeds, or phragmites, in Europe while Japanese experts will report on research conducted in Lake Biwa, Lake Kasumigaura, Yodo River and Uji River.

The workshop, which will be open to the public, will conclude on June 28 with a public excursion on Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake.
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Comment:Int'l confab on reed bed conservation to open in Shiga.
Publication:Japan Science Scan
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Date:Jun 14, 1999
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