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Int'l Tele-Film: cross-collaterizing products is the game.

"We're one of the few companies in Canada that deals in a variety of marketplaces-television, educational and corporate training. In fact, we're the only distributor in town that does that," said Stuart Grant, president of International TeleFilm Enterprises. It gives us an opportunity to cross-collaterize products to market them."

International Tele-Film is the largest privately owned, non-theatrical film distribution company in Canada. Its main office is in Toronto with branch offices in Montreal and Vancouver offering bilingual services.

"We handle the major producers for training films throughout the world," said Grant. Most of the training programs are produced in the U.S. or the U.K. The best known product that we handle in the video arts product line features John Cleese. He's appeared in about 40 training films: communication, meeting, sales training, and management skills, on both a serious and funny basis.

Some of the titles are just as amusing. One Cleese training film is called, Meeting, Bloody Meeting. "We find that humor keeps you alert," said Grant.

The company is taking a variety of documentaries, series, dramas and a few feature films to MIP. Their on-going series, The Nature of Canada, is still in production, with six episodes completed and 13 scheduled. "Hopefully, they will be all completed by June." Hollywood Specials, another on-going project, is a public domain film of black and white. "They are historical and have a wrap around with Tony Thomas."

International Tele-Film's newest project is a documentary on Terry Fox, who in 1980, at the age of 19, ran across Canada on an artificial limb he wore from a cancer diagnosis. "He's probably the only true Canadian hero we have. Every year now, in six to eight countries around the world, there's a Terry Fox run. They raise money for cancer. Grant continued, "Without too much publicity, we premiered it at Monte Carlo. Both Turkey and Botswana picked it up. We're just starting with it."

"We expect to see substantial growth for us in both the domestic television industry and international marketplace. We're focused on more global arenas. Maybe I would have liked to move faster, but I think we're on track. The thing for us is to get quality product."
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Publication:Video Age International
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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