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Insurance in a war zone?

Further to your recent correspondence regarding worldwide travel insurance, like BD Yates from Harpenden (Mailbag, December 2005), I too have combed my policy document for references to it being voided should the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against travel to a particular destination. t can find no such reference.

There are the usual exclusions relating to war, acts of terrorism and so on, but no mention of FCO advice, or of the non-validity of my policy should the FCO advise against travel. Because of the exclusions listed, it seems reasonable to me that it's my responsibility to avoid areas where the risk of war, terrorism and the like might be a problem, but that if I were silly enough--or unlucky enough--to find myself in such an area, I would at least still be covered for such non-war risks as appendicitis or the loss of my documents.

Your editorial reply to BD Yates tells me, twice, and with emphasis, that my insurance will be void if the FCO advises against travel, but my contract with my insurer--my policy document--says no such thing. Who am I to believe? Perhaps you should consider an in-depth article to clarify this important point for the many worldwide travellers who've taken the trouble to read the small print, but who might, nevertheless, find themselves travelling without cover.

John Lees, Sheffield

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Title Annotation:LETTER OF THE MONTH
Author:Lees, John
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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