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Insurance fraud soaring, claims Aviva.

A MAJOR insurer detected nearly a quarter of a million pounds worth of bogus claims every day last year.

Aviva saw a 9.5 per cent jump in the number of fraudulent claims it declined in 2016, fuelled by increases in fraud detection across motor bodily injury, household and liability claims. It declined one in 10 whiplash claims for proven or suspected fraud last year.

The insurance giant said it detected more than PS85 million of insurance fraud last year. The majority of fraud it detects is from third parties who are not its customers.

Whiplash fraud remains a major concern, Aviva said, with bodily injury frauds such as exaggerated or bogus whiplash claims continuing to account for the majority of fraud Aviva identifies. Bodily injury fraud accounts for 59 per cent of the total fraud Aviva detects.

The insurer said it is currently investigating more than 16,000 suspect bodily injury claims.

Organised fraud accounts for much of the new injury fraud Aviva detects. Last year, Aviva declined claims worth more than PS25 million linked to fraud rings. Aviva is currently investigating more than 3,000 suspect whiplash claims linked to organised fraud.

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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 1, 2017
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