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Insurance Committee Chair Morelle named majority leader.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Assemblyman Joseph D. Morelle (D-Rochester), the Assembly Standing Committee on Insurance has been named Majority Leader of the Assembly.

Assemblyman Morelle represents the 132nd Assembly District, which includes the Maplewood, Charlotte and North Winton Village neighborhoods in the city of Rochester and the Monroe County suburbs of Irondequoit and Brighton.

His focus on job creation and making New York more competitive stems in part from his own experience as a small business owner. Morelle was President and CEO of MMI Technologies, Inc., a Rochester based computer software development company for ten years.

In 2005, Assemblyman Morelle published a groundbreaking report, entitled "Creating a State of Innovation: Unleashing the Power of New York's Entrepreneurial Economy" which offers new policy prescriptions for some of New York's toughest economic challenges.

In June of 2007, Assemblyman Morelle was appointed Chairman of the Assembly Standing Committee on Insurance, and in that role he has been a leader in the effort to expand health care options for New Yorkers and establishing prudent regulatory controls in order to prevent the type of reckless speculation that contributed to the financial crisis of 2008. He has become a leader on this issue in his role as Chair of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators' Financial Services and Investment Products Committee.

Assemblyman Morelle has previously served as chair of the Assembly's standing committees on small business and tourism, arts, and sports development.

At Assemblyman Morelle's request, Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver created the subcommittee on Manufacturing. The main objective of the subcommittee, which Assemblyman Morelle chairs, is to give the manufacturing community in New York a greater voice in state government.

More than 100 laws authored by Assemblyman Morelle include major reforms to the workers' compensation system, which have provided needed relief to New York businesses. To encourage companies to make movies and television shows in New York, Assemblyman Morelle also penned the highly successful Empire State Film Production Tax Credit, which has created 10,000 new jobs and billions in new economic activity.

He is a graduate of Eastridge High School and received his Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the State University College at Geneseo.

Assemblyman Morelle's wife, Mary Beth is a teacher at East Irondequoit Middle School; their children Lauren, Joseph Jr., and Nicholas have all attended East Irondequoit schools.

Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-NY) has not made a new appointment for Chairman of the Assembly Standing Committee on Insurance.

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