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Insulation saves heat loss.

Owners of multi-family apartment houses who have obtained a subsidized loan from New York State for certain new boilers were told they needed a separate hot water heater for summer use because the boiler's standby heat losses were too great.

Richard Blaser, president of Atlas Welding & Boiler Repair, Inc., says the State's Energy Investment Loan Program (EILP) is enforcing a new energy code that states the standby energy losses in a boiler have to be less than 2 percent.

"You don't want to be wasting energy with this boiler on in the summer, he agrees.

"When you submit an application for a tankless coil, you get a letter back saying you need a separate hot water heater," Blaser said. "People call me up and they are panicked."

Atlas Welding & Boiler Repair has come up with a simple solution to ensure heat losses do not exceed the program's limits, thus saving the owners the cost of a new hot water heater.

Atlas' engineer came up with calculations to show that if the rear of the favored scotch marine boiler is properly insulated, the energy losses are less than the program permits and the owner would not have to install an additional hot water heater.

"By filing additional paperwork and providing insulation we have been able to show the state the installations comply with the code," he explained.

"Insulating the rear of the boiler is an inexpensive way to save energy," Blaser said, adding that in certain cases, it could be required by the state.

Kevin O'Brien, director of the Energy Investment Bureau, said an application for the EILP must comply with the program components of the loan program as well as the New York State energy conservation construction code, which is a statewide mandatory code for all construction and rehabilitation.
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Title Annotation:building insulation
Author:Weiss, Lois
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Oct 28, 1992
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