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Ionospheric Gradient Threat Mitigation in Future Dual Frequency GBAS. Felux, Michael; Circiu, Mihaela-Simona; Lee, Jiyun; Holzapfel, Florian Report Jan 1, 2017 6870
The NTSB On Asiana 214. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 142
Arcturus UAV introduces JUMP fixed wing vertical takeoff, landing system. Brief article Apr 23, 2014 240
Fine tune your ILS: the weather gods may mock your attempt to center the needles, but there are some tricks to anticipate and react to the worst they can throw at you. Bowlin, Frank Feb 1, 2013 1190
Crossing restrictions: we all know about 'em, but here's an in-depth look at both speed and altitude restrictions all the way down an arrival. As a bonus, we even start the approach with one. Bowlin, Frank Feb 1, 2013 848
The quiz. May 1, 2012 399
Switch-hitting on the ILS: the glideslope pegged. Or failed. Or the winds now favor circling. No, you don't have to go missed. You just have to move the aircraft back into the safe zone. Brenneman, Dog May 1, 2012 1524
Counterpoint: go missed now. Van West, Jeff Brief article May 1, 2012 308
No pt within the TAA: T-shaped GPS approaches and Terminal Arrival Areas (TAAs) nix the need for procedure turns and offer lots of options to knowledgeable pilots. Here's where that GPS really pays off. Collins, John May 1, 2011 1423
Which ILS is best? It's common to choose between multiple approaches, but multiple versions of the same ILS? One seems clearly better than the other. Are we missing something here? Shelton, Joe May 1, 2011 599
Chill out about descents: you probably still hear your instructor's voice haranguing you to hit that glideslope intercept altitude or MDA sooner. This is one voice you can usually ignore. West, Jeff Van Apr 1, 2011 1206
Ducking under: pressures leading us to bust minimums can include passenger expectations, cockpit confusion and low fuel but rarely produce a good outcome. Turner, Thomas P. Mar 1, 2011 2633
Drink up after landing: you could fly the ICAO plate for the ILS into Dundee, Scotland with no more than a U.S. ticket and good intentions. That'd be as smart as downing some whiskey just before takeoff. Brenneman, Dog Aug 1, 2010 1139
Wind on the ILS: ready to take a vow to stop reacting to the needles and start proactively piloting the airplane along the approach path? Here's how. Holston, Ken Apr 1, 2010 1801
Implementing a boundary scan methodology. Wetterquist, Keith Oct 1, 2009 2271
R U down with VDP's? Visual descent points are one of those IFR subtleties that separate the hacks from the pros. (Don't worry. It's easy to go pro.). Singer, Neil Aug 1, 2009 1290
Look to the sky when synchronizing systems. Schreier, Paul G. Jul 1, 2009 1832
Ignore the ILS: don't always assume the ILS is the best way to go when the weather is low. TERPS logic occasionally defies common sense. Van West, Jeff Oct 1, 2008 690
New CAT IIIA ILS at Dubai International. Brief article May 1, 2008 147
Five top ILS cheats: flying an ILS approach to minimums doesn't have to be hard. Use these tips to simplify it and stay focused on the important stuff. Straw, Bill Mar 1, 2008 2486
Saving a botched ILS: you might make a drunken walk down the localizer, but if you know the limits, you can tread lightly beyond full-scale and live to tell. Brenneman, Dog Feb 1, 2008 2155
Fly a pair of RNAVS: can two RNAV approaches be better than one? A close look at TERPS reveals why the answer may be a resounding "yes.". Holston, Ken Feb 1, 2008 798
Letting down easy: a smooth descent to your destination doesn't have to be magic. All it takes is a little planning and some basic math. Here's how. Merager, Randall S. Sep 1, 2007 2913
Briefing the approach: taking a focused moment to prepare the cockpit for an approach also help prepare the pilot for the transition from en route environment to landing. Here's how. Turner, Thomas P. Jun 1, 2007 2995
Dark side of the LOC: an ILS may be your best friend when the deck is low, but even friends can have a perilous dark side. Holston, Ken Feb 1, 2007 1229
Five ILS gotchas: flying the ILS isn't rocket science, but there are a few mistakes pilots regularly make. Knowing what they are and how to prevent them can keep you out of the weeds. Leis, Ray Jan 1, 2007 2754
Enjoy your suspension: these glass cockpits are getting smarter and smarter. Just remember, they still can't read the approach plate for you. Dec 1, 2006 1335
Flying the par: it can best the ILS for minimums and requires no fancy equipment, yet this approach is becoming a thing of the past. Van West, Jeff Sep 1, 2006 1994
Repair at Los Angeles airport hoped to fix localizer. Brief article Aug 18, 2006 107
Riding up the ILS: we count on ILS precision to get us down, but do you know how to use it safely coming back up? Brenneman, Dog Aug 1, 2006 1238
Big sky ILS: too many choices can be a bad thing. Sometimes it takes attentive study to separate the wheat from the chaff. Holston, Ken Feb 1, 2006 883
USD2.5m in funding for precision flight technology at Arlington Municipal Airport. Brief Article Aug 17, 2005 114
Approach updates. Aug 1, 2005 1140
IFR in the cockpit. Fitzgerald, James M. Feb 1, 2003 967
Swedish airports to receive instrument landing system under new plan. Brief Article Jan 8, 2002 109
JPALS landings move GPS-based system forward. (News From Washington). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 365
Pilots have safer landings at Al Jaber. Elliott, Steve Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 470
Airport takes off. Jan 1, 1992 208

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