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Institutional superintendent: Nashville, Tenn.

The Woodland Hills Youth Development Center, a secure 120-bed facility for adolescent males ages 13 to 19, is seeking an individual for the position of institutional superintendent.

Candidates must have graduated from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in social or behavioral science or another acceptable field. Must possess experience equivalent to five or more years of responsible professional youth corrections work with at least three years of responsible professional managerial work. A graduate degree in juvenile justice, criminal justice, psychology or social work is desirable but not required. Salary is negotiable depending on experience and education.

The state of Tennessee is an equal access and affirmative action employer. Applicants with disabilities may contact the TN Relay Center at 1-800-848-0299 for T.D.D. access.

Interested parties should send resume to the attention of: Kenneth W. Steverson, Executive Director, Office of Juvenile Justice Programs, Tennessee Department of Children's Services, 436 6th Ave. N. Nashville, TN 37243 or via e-mail to
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Title Annotation:Job Bank
Publication:Corrections Today
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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