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Institute notes: the National Council meeting.

The Annual Dinner of the NZIIA was held on Tuesday 27 June at the Wellington Club, with about 120 present. Guest of honour was the Governor-General, Dame Silvia Cartwright, who would shortly be relinquishing her position. In her address, she commented perceptively on the evolving role of the office of governor-general, especially its increasing importance in representing New Zealand overseas. (Part of her address is to be found elsewhere in this issue.)

At the National Council meeting on 28 June, all the office holders were re-elected for a further term--Sir Kenneth Keith as President, Bruce Brown as Vice President, and Athol Mann as Treasurer. Ian McGibbon was confirmed as Managing Editor of the NZIR for another year. Three new honorary vice presidents were elected--Professor Roberto Rabel (recently arrived at Victoria University of Wellington as Pro-Vice Chancellor (International)), Stuart McMillan (long-serving member of the Canterbury branch) and Hun Doug Kidd, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives. A full list of office holders is provided below. Judge Anand Satyanand stood down from the Standing Committee in consequence of his appointment as Dame Silvia Cartwright's successor as Governor-General; on behalf of the council, the President warmly congratulated him on his elevation and thanked him for his contribution to the NZIIA.

The Director, Brian Lynch, reported on a very busy year for the NZIIA in 2005. In all fifteen events had been held, including several well-supported seminars and roundtables. A highlight had been the day in tribute to Sir George Laking and Frank Corner. Noting that there were now 45 corporate members and 44 institutional members, he proclaimed the 'stretch' goal for 2006 to be fifty of each. He pointed to the need to broaden the number and scope of events to deliver a 'value proposition' to this growing and increasingly diverse group of 'stakeholders'.

Treasurer Athol Mann, in his report, indicated that the NZIIA was in a favourable position. When the council turned to the NZIR, Ian McGibbon pointed to another successful year. The financial position was sound and several younger members had joined the editorial committee. Reporting on the Research Committee's achievements in 2005, Rod Alley noted the appearance of several important publications, including the proceedings of the Corner-Laking seminar, and advised that the fourth volume of New Zealand in World Affairs was now nearing completion.

Branch delegates reported on activities in their various branches: Dr Jian Yang on Auckland, Ken Aldred on Hawke's Bay, Linda Quayle on Palmerston North, Sue Perry on Wairarapa, Peter Nicholls on Wellington, and Professor David McIntyre on Christchurch. Council members were particularly impressed to learn that the Wairarapa branch now has over a hundred members--an outstanding situation for a branch outside the main centres. In presenting his final report on the Timaru branch, Brian Foley gave an amusing overview of his seventeen years as chairman, during which he and his wife Diane had hosted most of the branch speakers at his farm. Reports by the Hamilton and Dunedin branches were also tabled.

The constitution, as further amended, was approved.
The full list of officers elected at the National Council meeting:
Patron                         Rt Hon Dame Silvia Cartwright PCNZM, DBE
President                      Rt Hon Justice Sir Kenneth Keith KBE, QC
Vice President                 Mr Bruce Brown QSO
Hon Vice Presidents            Dr R.M. Alley, Mr N.B. Beach, Mrs M.B.
                               Boyd, Mr G.M. Davidson OBE, JP, Mr B.P.
                               Foley, Rt Hon Sir Michael Hardie Boys
                               GNZM, GCMG, Prof G.R. Hawke, Dr J.S.
                               Hoadley, Prof L.C. Holborow, Sir Frank
                               Holmes Kt, JP, Hon D.L. Kidd DCNZM, Sir
                               George Laking KCMG, Mr G.R. McGhie QSO,
                               Dr I.C. McGibbon ONZM, Dr M.A. McKinnon,
                               Mr D.B.G. McLean CMG, Mr S.W. McMillan,
                               Mr R.F. Nottage CNZM, Prof G.S. Orr, Dr
                               R.E.B. Peren, Prof R.G. Rabel, Prof
                               W.T. Roy, Dame Laurie Salas DBE, QSO,
                               JP, Mr. J.V. Scott, Ms A. Stokes, Rt
                               Hon Sir Brian Talboys KCB, CH, AC, Hon
                               H.C. Templeton QSO, Mr J.S. Thomson,
                               Prof D.G. Trow, Mr N.D. Walter CNZM
Chair Research Committee       Dr Alley
Managing Editor NZIR           Dr McGibbon
Treasurer                      Prof Athol Mann CMG
Research Committee             Mr Brown, Mr P. Cozens, Prof Holborow,
                               Dr McKinnon, Dr McGibbon, Prof A.A.
                               Trotter ONZM, Director
Standing Committee             President, Vice President, Treasurer,
                               Research Committee Chairman, Managing
                               Editor NZIR, Director, Dr Alley, Mr
                               Beach, Mr Cozens, Mr Davidson, Mr D.WA.
                               Day, Prof Holborow, Dr A.S. Ladley ONZM,
                               Mr McGhie, Mr McLean, Mr T.C. O'Brien,
                               Mr P.H. Rider, Prof Rabel, Hon H.C.
                               Templeton, Prof Trotter, Mr A.F.

The staff of the National Office comprises:

Director                       Mr B.J. Lynch ONZM
Executive Secretary            Ms N.A. Flynn
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