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Instead of a too-hot greenhouse, three levels of living space.

Instead of a too-hot greenhouse, three levels of living space

Some remodels are misguided. That wasPaula Massengill and Leo Simon's conclusion when they bought an 1890s farmhouse in the Berkeley hills.

Previous owners had added a raisedgreenhouse to the southwest side. "In the afternoon, however, it got so hot we simply couldn't use it,' Mr. Simon stated. Since they needed an extra room for a study, they decided to remove the greenhouse and start over.

Oakland architect Alan Dreyfus designeda three-level wing over the existing 14- by 16-foot foundation, carefully matching molding details and room proportions with those in the rest of the house. On the lowest level, he installed an extra room. On the next level, double-hung windows wrap around three sides of a new study, taking advantage of the view and shade from adjacent oaks. For greater sun control, Dreyfuss used double glazing and individually operated blinds.

The study's roof, accessible from the masterbedroom, provides a deck for sunbathing or outdoor dining. A sturdy, simply crafted wood railing--set back a foot from the roof edge--rings the deck. The railing is painted white to complement the house trim elsewhere.

The greenhouse itself was not destroyed:it found a new home at the UC Botanical Garden.

Photo: Before: glass walls and roof made this southwest-facinggreenhouse too hot for year-round use

Photo: After: replacing greenhouse, additioncontains enclosed rooms at the basement and first-floor levels and a roof deck off the master bedroom

Photo: New study focuses on view throughgenerous wraparound windows framed to blend with house's existing detailing
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Date:May 1, 1987
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