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Instead of a hedge, a metal fence and trellis for vines.

Privacy from a busy street was paramount for Seatle homeowners Shirley and Steve Bell. Their home sits on a corner lot within 25 feet of the sidewalk, which runs above the narrow front courtyard. What they needed seemed impossible: an almost instant tall hedge (for screening) that was also very narrow (to save room).

Instead of planting a hedge, landscape architect Thomas Berger erected a two-part metal skeleton. The lower section is a 5-foot-high, 50-foot-long chain-link fence, which parallels the front of the house and curves around the corner. Berger planted mature Hahn's ivy in 2-gallon cans every 3 feet along the base of the fence. Intertwined in the wire mesh, the ivy quickly filled in to screen the courtyard 3 feet below.

The upper part of the metal skeleton is a freestanding, 72-foot-long pipe-rail trellis, which runs above the fence and makes a semicircular arc mounted to the side of the house. The arc, defined by four parallel pipes, has a radius of about 15 feet. (This job required the services of a professional pipe bender and welder.)

White-flowering wisteria is slowly covering each end of the trellis and converging toward the middle. On the courtyard side, a border of Viburnum tinus masks the retaining wall below the fence.
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Date:Nov 1, 1985
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