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Instantiations CodePro Studio supports IBM WebSphere Studio 5.0 Dev Tools.

Instantiations, a provider of advanced Java development and deployment solutions, announced recently that it has begun shipping CodePro Studio 2.0, a comprehensive suite of products that enhance IBM WebSphere Studio and Eclipse development environments.

CodePro Studio now fully supports IBM WebSphere Studio 5.0 and ensures that Java developers deliver high quality software in record time at reduced cost.

CodePro Studio gives developers a rich set of tools that includes powerful Java coding best practices features like code audit, code metrics and design patterns. CodePro Studio provides hundreds of valuable features in the areas of best practices, usability, collaboration, deployment and transition. The product liberates Java developers by automating repetitive tasks, improving user interfaces, and streamlining development activities.

"CodePro Studio's code audit facilities add tremendous value to our Public Sector clients," said Randy Thomasson, Technology Director, Covansys. "CodePro's audit capability allows us to enforce many programming standards within the IDE at development time, instead of having to rely on extensive and lengthy code walkthroughs. This is a huge benefit that allows Covansys to develop cutting edge solutions, while meeting and surpassing our client's expectations and critical time to market needs."

CodePro Studio 2.0 was developed during the WebSphere Studio 5.0 early access period. The product has been field-tested and enthusiastically embraced by early users of WebSphere Studio 5.0 tools. Developers find that CodePro Studio liberates them from tedious activities and enables them to spend time on the more creative aspects of software development.

"We are committed to supporting developers who use IBM tools and platforms," said Eric Clayberg, Senior Vice President Product Development, Instantiations. "IBM WebSphere Studio is being quickly adopted by Java developers, and integration with CodePro Studio helps companies improve code quality, accelerate development and dramatically reduce costs."

The price per developer for CodePro Studio Application Developer is $695, CodePro Studio WebSphere Developer is $995 and CodePro Studio WebSphere Developer Migration Edition is $1,295. The upgrade is free to CodePro Studio customers who have a current support contract.
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Comment:Instantiations CodePro Studio supports IBM WebSphere Studio 5.0 Dev Tools.
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Dec 16, 2002
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