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Instant Messaging. (E-Commerce).

Critical Path, Inc. has released its Instant Messaging (IM) solution for wireless carriers and service providers. The solution can he integrated with existing SMS and WAP deployments, allowing carriers to use their network infrastructure to extend messaging services without additional infrastructure investment. Critical Path say this is the first carrier-class, secure IM product built to support industry standards such as SIP/SIMPLE, Wireless Village and SSL/TLS. The solution bridges the gap between wireless and wireline IM users, enabling subscribers to communicate regardless of IM client or device type. This benefits wireless carriers and service providers by helping to reduce subscriber turnover and drive revenue through increased wireless traffic generated from phones, mobile messaging devices and PCs.

Users familiar with SMS text messaging or desktop instant messaging will find the transition to IM solution seamless it is said. By supporting SIP/SIMPLE, Critical Path's IM solution enables cross-network communication by facilitating interoperability with other instant messaging and telephony systems. In addition, Critical Path also supports Wireless Village, which enables messaging between mobile phones, mobile computing devices and desktop applications by using transports such as SMS, WAP, and HTTP, irrespective of platform or manufacturer. A major component of the Critical Path IM Solution is its presence capability. Presence information provides the ability to determine if a person is "available" on their PC, PDA or mobile phone. Presence information includes personal address book, calendar, and Webmail. A subscriber's presence can be updated automatically based on entries in the calendar or when the person picks up the telephone, for example, enabling messages to he routed in an alternative fashion when the person is "unavailable."
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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