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Insta-landscape! In these mad-for-crafts times, terrariums are hotter--and easier--than ever. Create your own tabletop garden in 30 minutes or less.

Make it now

1. CHOOSE a clear glass or acrylic container, with or without a lid. Almost any size will work, as long as it's big enough to accommodate your plants. Don't be afraid to experiment.

2. SPREAD a 1- to 3-inch layer of charcoal, gravel, or pumice on the bottom of the container for drainage.

3. ADD enough potting mix to surround plant roots. Gently settle the rootball into the soil, then firm it into place. Add more soil as needed.

4. TO WATER, gently spritz the soil around plants with a spray bottle, taking care not to overwater. If your plants love moisture, cover the terrarium to maintain humidity, but open it occasionally to prevent the buildup of condensation. For drought-tolerant plants such as succulents, keep the container open at all times, and water sparingly.



Plants that love glass

A good place to start looking for terrarium-friendly plants is the indoor section of your nursery. These growers love the humidity a terrarium provides: Ajuga, club moss (Sela-ginella), Fittonia, Hypoestes, maidenhair fern, miniature African violets and Sinningia, moth orchids (dwarf forms), Peperomia, and prayer plant. From the outdoor section: mondo grass, Scotch and Irish moss, and succulents.


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