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Inspiring our teachers.


Last year, I had the honour to receive the Governor General's Award for Excellence in Teaching of Canadian History. I earned the prize for a project I created in which my Grades 5 and 6 students went through all the steps to create a movie about our national history.

I spent many memorable days in Ottawa, where I was presented to the House of Commons, went on private tours of our national institutions, celebrated at a dinner inside the National Library and Archives, and attended the official ceremony at Rideau Hall.

The thing that struck me most was the warm reception I received from the History Society. I deeply appreciate their kindness, their generous hospitality, and learning more about their impressive organization. It remains difficult for me to adequately describe the intensity of the mixed emotions I felt--pride, extreme happiness--when Governor General Michaelle Jean presented me with the medal and took a few extra moments to discuss my project with me. I was very impressed by the keen interest she showed toward the work of each of the award recipients.


These are all moments I will never forget. I feel very honoured and privileged to have had this experience, along with the opportunity to share it with other teachers and prize winners. I was also very touched by the use of French at the various events.

Since my return from Rideau Hall, I have been invited to present the project and student film to other teachers in my area, and I have been mentoring a teacher who is working on a similar project with his students. In my own classroom, we are producing a video again with this year's students, but have added a step to digitize it and present it online.

This is an experience I wanted to share with my students and so I will be using the prize money that accompanied my award to help fund a special school trip to Ottawa for my students. But the greatest impact from my experience is a personal one.

Today, I am more inspired and passionate than ever before to teach Canadian history.

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Title Annotation:ANNUAL REPORT
Author:Marcotte, Michel
Publication:Canada's History
Date:Aug 1, 2010
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