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Inspiring films for youths lined up.

JUST A THOUGHT: 'Don't educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy, so when they grow up they will know the value of things, not the price.' -- Awesome India

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TARGET SCHOOLS: As the name of the newly-formed production outfit suggests, its producers look forward to flying high in the local movie industry.

First-time producer-retired US military man Josh Macapagal says his company aims to produce advocacy films that can effect change among the youth.

His films, in fact, are intended to be circulated in schools, both public and private, throughout the country, in cooperation with Department of Education.

They have a common denominator. All films shall be educational and inspiring.

* * *

FIRST SIX FILMS: Flying High Productions has partnered with advocacy director Errol Ropero, who's in charge of its first six films.

At a recent mediacon, Ropero announced filming of "A Walk To Remember" and "Sarah And Cedie."

"A Walk To Remember" is a heart-rending true story of a boy with muscular dystrophy, a rare disease that disables one to walk.

"Sarah And Cedie" is about two siblings who lose their parents in an accident but who inherit huge wealth. A treacherous relative makes life hard for the orphans.

These two films are in addition to an earlier set of four films produced by Flying High. These are "The Prince Of Music," "My Music Hero Teacher," "Mga Munting Pangarap," and "Science En Marsha."

Some of those playing key roles in these productions are Jao Mapa, Lara Alcaraz (nee Quigaman), Marco Alcaraz, Alma Concepcion. The rest are start-up actors in their teens.

* * *

TRUE, INSPIRING STORIES: "The Prince Of Music" is about a deaf-mute teacher who becomes an idol in Thailand, based on a true story.

"My Music Hero Teacher," prequel to "The Prince Of Music," is about the same deaf-mute teacher who idolizes his father.

"Mga Munting Pangarap" is about the life challenges of three siblings: A pilot, a marine man, and a teacher.

Jao plays the teacher, the lead role here.

* * *

TEACHER JAO: Jao informed us he has turned to teaching Art at an international school in Makati.

Two days a week, he takes the LRT to go to Makati, walks a bit to the Canadian School of America. He teaches high school students.

A graduate of Fine Arts (UST), Jao recently mounted an art exhibit and looks forward to doing more. He says the one thing that makes him grateful to showbiz is that "they still get me.''

Jao plays lead in another indie, "Despicable Rascals."


Alma Concepcion (left) and Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz (Photo from Alma's Instagram)

Jao Mapa

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Date:Nov 23, 2018
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