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Inspired by the troll tales from his childhood.

Byline: Alison Jones

HAPLESS Norwegians who go wandering into woods will be sure of a big surprise, because there be trolls.

That is the premise of writer/director Andr Uvredal's first foray into full-length films.

Previously a successful director of commercials, Andr said he wanted to make a creature feature with a big impact.

"I love this kind of monster movie. The only time I have ever dropped my jaw in that clich way is when I was watching the T.Rex come out of the forest in Jurassic Park.

"It was so awesome it made a huge impact on me and I was 20 when I saw that, not a ten-year-old kid."

Children in Norway are bought up on troll stories. When Andr was young his grandparents used to read him The Fairy Tales of Asbj[degrees]rnsen and Moe, "half of which related to trolls".

"I always loved the drawings that depicted monsters in our own forests. I didn't do much research because I wanted to base everything (about trolls) in the movie on the fairy tales.

"It was easier to use stuff everyone in Norway knows about, the big ideas that stick in your mind, like trolls under bridges and smelling the blood of a Christian man, rather than having to lose time explaining."

Andr also came up with the designs for the trolls, the idea that there should be trolls of different shapes and sizes living in different habitats, and some possessing more than one head.

While the monsters were added in later by computer, Andre stood in for them so the actors would have something to react to.

"I had to growl and wave my arms and run around. I felt ridiculous but they (the actors) were so into it. We had a lot of fun, but they weren't laughing at me, fortunately."

A number of the cast, including the titular troll hunter, are played by wellknown Norwegian comedians.

"I cast them to make sure the audience understood they were watching a comedy at heart, even though things are taken dead seriously.

I didn't want to make it a really frightening film. We kept it relatively innocent on the horrific level. "Farting trolls kind of take the edge off something that could be very scary."

According to the film, the existence of trolls is a wellkept Government secret. Footage of the real Norwegian Prime Minister appears to confirm this.

"It is from a press conference.

He was talking about a gas field in the North Sea called The Troll Field. We bought the rights and just edited the sound.

"I have no idea if the Prime Minister has seen the film. I hope he has because he is in it, involuntarily I guess."


Monster smash: Andr Uvredal. Wilderness: Otto Jesperson is on the trail of trolls in Norway.
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Date:Sep 9, 2011
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