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Inspired bravery extolled.

Byline: Carla Charter

FITCHBURG - Friends, family and graduates gathered yesterday for Fitchburg State College's 111th commencement.

The commencement marked a first for the college, as the ceremony was simulcast from two locations. Those receiving graduate degrees were in Weston Auditorium and those receiving bachelor's degrees were in the college's recreation center.

Peter Alcott, chairman of the college's board of trustees, reminded the graduates that their generation would face challenges unforeseen by other generations, and that the "commonwealth will be depending on you, as the research shows that the majority of graduates from the college stay in Massachusetts."

Senior co-president Bryan Aguiar continued by describing members of his generation as "shape shifters in a global community and as such must function as one. Today is a day of actualization. Our generation has been silent for far too long. Today we have a voice."

Senior co-president Erin McDermott noted that her class began its college career the same year Robert V. Antonucci began his tenure as president of the college.

"During orientation," she said, "he challenged us to be there for graduation in 2007. Mr. Antonucci, here we are."

The commencement speaker was Peter Reynolds, an author, illustrator, animator, filmmaker, and book and toy store owner. He is co-owner of Fablevision, which develops and publishes educational media.

Mr. Reynolds, who received an honorary doctorate of humane letters, urged the students to think of their journey ahead as a mission, not as a career. "We are all blessed with gifts. We need to use those gifts to move the world to a better place," he said.

Mr. Reynolds told the students that his life has been dedicated "to helping kids, especially those who are off the path.

"I was one of them. Not every student is lucky enough to have a teacher or adult see his or her potential."

He recounted how he was one of the lucky ones: In seventh grade, his math teacher, Mr. Mattson, caught him doodling in class. When Mr. Mattson asked to see him after class, he thought he was in trouble. Instead, Mr. Mattson told him he would like him to teach a classmate math using his art and storytelling.

"I was a visual thinker. I needed that opportunity to see math in color. I made a comic book and brought it to him the next day."

Mr. Reynold's teacher noted that he had made "a storyboard like they make for movies. Would you like to make a movie?"

"I said yes," Mr. Reynolds said, but his teacher replied he had no idea how to make one. Still, he dove in fearlessly.

"It's a sign of great caregivers and great teachers," he said, that "they have the power to notice those who most need to be noticed."

Mr. Reynolds ended by giving the graduates a list of five pieces of advice: "Be brave, be original, be inspired, be inspirational and be active - move the world to a better place.


Ashburnham: Stephen M. Anderson, MBA, Business Administration; Brenda J. Giannetti, MED, Elementary Education; Chanel A. Horgan, BSE, Elementary Education; Michael M. Krul, BS, Mathematics; Mary Catherine Wagner, CAGS, Educational Leadership/Mgmt.

Ashby: Briana L. Leary, BSE, Interdisciplinary Studies; Theresa L. McEndarfer, BS, Industrial Technology.

Athol: Sheena M. Ellis, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Susan M. Farley, MED, Early Childhood Education; Tess M. Godin, BS, Psychology; Lynda Graves-Kimmel, BS, Business Administration; Randall S. Lloyd, BS, Communications Media.

Baldwinville: Alexander D. Allrich, BS, Political Science; Ronda I. Carignan, BS, Nursing; Jaime L. MacMillan, MED, Elementary Education; Lee Ann Wetherbee, BS, Business Administration.

Barre: Tami L. Harrold, BSE, Elementary Education; Diana L. Murray, MED, Special Education.

Berlin: Ryan C. Clark, BS, Communications Media; Shane C. Wheeler, BS, Industrial Technology.

Blackstone: Dianne M. Colace, BS, Nursing; Jessie E. Read, BS, Psychology.

Charlton: Ardney A. Macharia, BS, Business Administration; Brandon M. Starkus, BS, Criminal Justice; Marie M. Zacek, BSE, Special Education.

Clinton: Erin A. Canole, MED, Early Childhood Education; Lindsay C. Costa, BS, Nursing; Tobias J. Crowley, MED, Technology Education; Sandhya Mohan, MBA, Business Administration; Jessie M. Notaro, BS, English; Nathan A. Orcutt, BS, Criminal Justice.

Douglas: Lauren A. Ballard, BS, Biology; Daniel J. McPherson, BS, Business Administration.

Dudley: Nigel I. Cunningham, BS, Criminal Justice; Tonita M. Grout, BS, Criminal Justice; Michael J. Hill, MED, Special Education.

East Brookfield: Michael J. Hilton, BS, Criminal Justice.

Fitchburg: Alise M. Arnold, BS, Human Services; Suprasena Reddy Baddam, MBA, Business Administration; Allison M. Banks, BSE, Early Childhood Education; Nicole L. Barrett, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Lisa A. Beland, CERG, Adolescent and Family Therapy; Jill Marie Bice, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Stephanie A. Bouchard, BS, Business Administration; Meghan J. Bourque, BS, English; John V. Clarke, BS, Business Administration; Kimberly L. Cochlin, BS, Business Administration; Jose Albert Colon, BS, Communications Media; Amy M. Comeau, BA, English; Jackeline Cubero, BS, Human Services; Danette V. Day, CAGS, Educational Leadership/Mgmt; Amy M. DeMar, BS, Communications Media; Lindsey J. DiMauro, MED, Elementary Education; Alexandra Dinatale, BS, Communications Media; Carol Earley, MED, Special Education; Gina Farrell, BS, Nursing; Mary C. Foyle , MAT, English; Ashwin Reddy Gaddam, MBA, Business Administration; Diana K. Garcia, BS, Nursing; Gang Geng, MS, Computer Science; Benjamin Gotsens, BS, Computer Science; Beata Gumienny, BS, Business Administration; Anne D. Gustafson, MED, Special Education; Victoria Franziska Hall, BS, English; Wallace F. Holmes, BS, Business Administration; Thea S. Houghton, MS, Applied Communication; Katherine S. Joyce, BS, Communications Media; Ashley E. Kauffman, BSE, Early Childhood Education; Gabriel Lea Keese, BSE, Elementary Education; Bridget E. Kissel, BS, Industrial Technology; Isaac R. Kwofie, MBA, Business Administration; Laura V. Llanos, BS, Nursing; Elizabeth R. Lorigan, BSE, Early Childhood Education; Patricia Ann McCormack, BSE, Middle School Education; Lisa M. Melnicki, BS, Criminal Justice; Kayla M. Morlock, BS, Biology; Kor Moua, BS, Biology; Thomas Moua, BS, Nursing; Paul John Mushrush, BS, Industrial Technology; Hung Q. Nguyen, BS, Comp Info Systems; Allison Nieves, MBA, Business Administration; Kwame B. Nkrumah, BS, Business Administration; Steven M. Perkins, BS, Communications Media; Caroline June Perreault-Fluet, BS, Business Administration; Kevin Porter, MS, Counseling; Christopher Robert Pucko, BS, Business Administration; Vanessa J. Roy, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Phillip D. Saddler, BS, Computer Science; Mary Katherine Schmitt, MED, Secondary Education; Marcus L. Scott, BS, Business Administration; Melissa A. Seidenberg, BS, Sociology; Christopher J. Seidlich, BS, Business Administration; John Sheedy, BS, Comp Info Systems; Keith M. Survell, BS, Computer Science; Jodie M. Therrien, BS, Human Services; Anna N. Topalidou, BSE, Early Childhood Education; Christen Leigh Touchette, BS, Psychology; Marcia M. Trecartin, BS, Industrial Technology; Caitlyn E. Urato, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Teng Vang, BS, Biology; Amar Rao Vodnala, MBA, Business Administration; Beth A. White, BS, Nursing; Anthony Wilcox, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Silvia M. Woodgett, BS, Criminal Justice; Cher Xiong, BS, Biology; Mao Yang, BSE, Elementary Education; Matthew Zanghi, BA, Biology.

Gardner: Andrea L. Bergeron, BSE, Early Childhood Education; Jonas S. Cope, MA, English; Jane M. Curtin, BS, Business Administration; David C. Dionne, BS, Business Administration; Jennifer E. Flynn, BSE, Elementary Education; Matthew T. Francis, BS, English; Michael Robert Francoeur, BS, History; Nicole A. Hecker, BSE, Elementary Education; Angela L. Ikonen, MED, Occupational Education; Catherine M. Jeremie, BS, Nursing; Stephanie T. Lizotte, MA, English; Gregory P. Mailloux, BS, Criminal Justice; Amy Lynn Meskowskus, BS, Human Services; Jillian Nash, BS, Exercise Science; Jessica J. Plevka, BS, Psychology; Ashley T. Pouliot, BS, Nursing; Brian A. Ross, BS, Business Administration; Sheena M. Swanson, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Corey Andrew Vincent, BS, Business Administration; Thomas J. Weber, BS, Nursing.

Gilbertville: Elizabeth A. Hanson, BS, Nursing.

Grafton: Laura M. Landry, BS, Communications Media.

Holden: Mary Cote, BSE, Early Childhood Education; Jarrod R. Gonyea, BS, Business Administration; Kaitlin T. Hardy, BS, Communications Media; Jessica A. Locke, BS, Nursing; Aaron J. Mott, MED, Special Education; Megan Linn Moynagh, BS, English; Brian G. Williams, MED, Technology Education.

Hubbardston: Lori A. Darcy, BSE, Early Childhood Education; Shawn T. Edwards, MS, Counseling.

Hudson: Jeffrey Bartell, BS, Communications Media; Christine T. Dodd, MS, Counseling; Mark R. Lawton, BS, English.

Jefferson: Michael B. Karsok, BS, Sociology.

Lancaster: Anthony J. Wareck, BS, Communications Media.

Leominster: Daniella M. Aube, BS, Psychology; Ngalle J. Awasume, MBA, Business Administration; Marissa Bazan, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Allison M. Beaulac, MS, Counseling; Lemlem G. Belay, MS, Applied Communication; Amanda R. Benner, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Leonard D. Brassard, BS, Communications Media; Virginia A. Bull, BS, Criminal Justice; Allison M. Bunnell, MED, Middle School Education; Leona M. Burgess, MBA, Business Administration; Sarah E. Buss, MED, Educational Leadership/Mgmt; Nancy A. Byrne, CAGS, Educational Leadership/Mgmt; Janet K. Champa, BS, Nursing; Kelly D. Chicoine, BS, Biology; Jonathan P. Cormier, BS, Business Administration; Rebecca T. Curley, BS, Business Administration; Eloa Melcher De Souza, BSE, Elementary Education; Paulo N. Deoliveira, MBA, Business Administration; Kunal D Desai, BS, Business Administration; Christina M. Desilets, BS, Business Administration; David T. Dixon, MBA, Business Administration; Cassandra Egan, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Gail Patricia Feckley, MA, English; Vicki A. Forbes, BSE, Middle School Education; Jason M. Garner, MA, English; Aliceson R. Hill, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Ernest Francis Houle, MED, Educational Leadership/Mgmt; Dilsia M. Kennedy, BS, Human Services; Tara D. Manzello, MS, Applied Communication; Maryanne N. Mbiyu, BS, Business Administration; Nancy Mutio Ndunda, BS, Sociology; Amanda L. Palmieri, BS, Business Administration; Paul B. Proulx, BS, Communications Media; Andy S. Puga, MBA, Business Administration; Tamra L. Robichaud, MED, Early Childhood Education; Aaron A. Rocca, BA, English; Michael A. Rogers, BS, Communications Media; Michael J. Rumery, BS, Criminal Justice; Sharleen Santana, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Nancy J. Thiel, MED, Special Education; Kathleen E. Thomley, MED, Arts Education; Kerri M. Tonry, BS, Psychology.

Lunenburg: Ryan P. Boudreau, BS, Industrial Technology; Samantha M. Bridgman, BS, Communications Media; Chad E. Dupuis, BS, Business Administration; Jean E. Escabi, BS, Business Administration; John B. Fortune, MBA, Business Administration; Jane N. Harrington, BS, Exercise Science; Robert Logan, BS, Exercise Science; Sheng Lor, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Pamela Kay Lucier, BS, Business Administration; Elizabeth J. Martineau, BS, Psychology; Ammie Louise Monteverde, BS, Psychology; Nichole Marie Preeper, MS, Counseling; Sarah A. Proctor, BS, Business Administration; Miranda L. Profit, BS, Political Science; Meghan L. Severance, BS, English; Amy L. Shepherd, MED, Early Childhood Education; Paul R. Tanner, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Janet L. Torrisi, BS, Exercise Science.

Marlboro: Varun Chinta, MS, Computer Science; Andrew Dallamora, BS, Communications Media; Joanne L. Hanson, CAGS, Interdisciplinary Studies -GR; David A. Kaloustian, BS, Comp Info Systems; Jean M. Levasseur, BS, Communications Media; Vamshi K. Neeligari, MBA, Business Administration.

Milford: Michael F. Castro, BS, Industrial Technology.

Millbury: Joanna J Stevens, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies.

North Grafton: Stephanie R. Collins-Rankin, MED, Arts Education.

Northboro: Ashley B. Stone, BS, Criminal Justice.

Northbridge: Kristen A. Pond, BS, Criminal Justice.

Orange: Eric T. Holmgren, BS, Exercise Science; Cheri Joy Sobolik, MS, Computer Science; Joanne E. Woodcock, MS, Counseling.

Oxford: Kelly A. Gomes, BS, Psychology; Charles E. Howard, BS, Industrial Technology; Aslan King, BS, English.

Paxton: Caitlyn M. Randell, BSE, Special Education.

Petersham: Michelle E. O'Leary, BS, Exercise Science.

Phillipston: Kimberly J. Gilman, BS, Criminal Justice; Joanna Telepciak, BS, Business Administration.

Princeton: Nadyia Abbas, CAGS, Interdisciplinary Studies -GR; Gregory R. Picariello, BS, Communications Media.

Royalston: Gina M. Verrelli, BSE, History.

Rutland: Meagan M. Ackerman, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies.

Shrewsbury: Meghan E. Conway, BS, Nursing, RN; Matthew B. McCarthy, BS, Communications Media.

South Lancaster: Chad B. Nosek, BS, Business Administration.

Sterling: Amie E. Roemer, BS, Communications Media; Leslie A. Roemer, BS, Communications Media.

Sturbridge: Andrew E. Foster, BS, Industrial Technology.

Sutton: Adam P. Boudreau, BS, Business Administration; Kathleen P. Deschenes, MED, Special Education; Christine M. Warren, CAGS, Educational Leadership/Mgmt; Mark S. Warren, CAGS, Educational Leadership/Mgmt; Julie A. Wilson, BS, Communications Media.

Templeton: Lisa M. Field, MS, Applied Communication; Mary B. Griffis, BS, English; Karen Eileen Kamila-Pickford, BS, Communications Media; Kate E. LeBlanc, BS, Nursing; Nissa L. LeClerc, BS, Criminal Justice; Gregory S. Moser, BS, Computer Science; Kimberly L. Ouellette, BSE, Early Childhood Education; Robyn L. Woodhouse, BS, Human Services.

Townsend: Jennifer L. Amero, BS, Mathematics; Briana M. Blackwell, BS, Nursing; Nicholette D. Bourn, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies; Heather S. Conn, MA, Biology; Jack William Crory, BS, English; Florence A. Lieberman, BSE, Elementary Education; Thomas R. Littlepage, BS, Communications Media; Kirk Patrick Phinney, BS, Business Administration; Lindsay D. Pillsbury, BS, Exercise Science; Nicole Pillsbury, BS, Nursing; Kelly A. Rourke, MED, Elementary Education; Kellie Lyn Sides, BS, Business Administration; Jessica R. Terry, BS, English; Phyllis A. Vales, BS, Business Administration; Maria Vanderkeyl, BS, Psychology; Brigitte R. Wojcuilewicz, BS, Psychology.

Upton: Alicia Marie Mainville, MED, Early Childhood Education; Jessica D. Mainville, BS, Human Services; Tammy A. McGee, MED, Special Education.

Uxbridge: Candice L. Chamberland, BS, Communications Media.

Webster: Lindsey A. Charron, MS, Counseling; Adam Strazzullo, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies.

West Boylston: Jason J. Bowman, BS, Communications Media.

West Townsend: Jennifer B. Joslin, BS, Psychology; David C. Lustig, BS, Computer Science; Lauren M. Reidy, BS, Communications Media.

Westboro: Sowmya S. Sunku, MS, Computer Science.

Westminster: Carrie L Boyden, MED, Educational Leadership/Mgmt; Michael B. Bradley, BS, Business Administration; Anthony M. Cascio, BS, English; Adrienne Mel Cook, BS, Human Services; Stephanie L. Cormier, BS, Business Administration; Sarah LeBlanc, BS, Communications Media; Dawn M. Marinelli, MBA, Business Administration; Benjamin S. Mettey, BS, Communications Media; Stephen K. Ricciardi, MED, Early Childhood Education; Heather A. Such Wilson, BS, English; Bridget H. Tucker, BSE, Elementary Education.

Whitinsville: Richard T. Schneider, MS, Counseling.

Winchendon: Ella M. Alston, BS, Nursing; Jessica R. Anderson, BS, English; Tory L. Bush, MED, Educational Leadership/Mgmt; Brian K. Cooper, BS, Psychology; Jennifer Daigle, MBA, Business Administration; Ashleigh Homon, BS, Biology; Danielle A. LaRochelle, BS, Political Science; Cassandra Lee Murphy, BS, Criminal Justice; Lisa E. St. Pierre, MS, Counseling; Susan M. Vaillancourt, BS, Nursing.

Worcester: Amber Boisclair, BSE, Elementary Education; Angela M. Boss, BS, Criminal Justice; Jeffrey M. Campbell, MED, Special Education; Jessica L. Cicero, BS, Psychology; Bryant O. Cortes, MS, Counseling; Leslie A. Crowley, MED, Special Education; Sabrina G. Gonzalez, BS, Business Administration; Courtney M. Halloran, MS, Counseling; Amy E. Hunt, MS, Counseling; Jocelyn D. Jacques-Curewitz, MS, Counseling; Cristina Jimenez, MS, Counseling; Leah F. Johnson, BS, Nursing; Shannah Jost, BS, History; Gillian Lopez, BS, Psychology; Kacie Miller Power, BSE, Special Education; Katherine A. Voss, MS, Counseling.


CUTLINE: (1) Rachael Boland of Pepperell, left, and Stephanie Parent of Easthampton pose for a photo before the start of the Fitchburg State College commencement. (2) Angela Marie Miller of Haverhill looks on as her friends Nicole Mayou of Worcester and Brian J. McGrady of Groton embrace before the start of the FSC ceremony.

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