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* Concerning the FAITH Publishing article (NCR, June 20-July 3): The facts in your article speak for themselves. Only 7,000 people were subscribing to the Catholic paper in Seattle. Now each of the 125,000 registered households receives a beautiful magazine filled with inspiration and news 10 times each year. This year, 89 percent of Catholics in dioceses with FAITH Catholic magazines reported having read the latest issue. Eighty-two percent called the publication "interesting" or "very interesting." Readers report it improves their understanding and makes them more interested in spiritual growth. Ten years into this, numbers here in the diocese of Erie, Pa., remain higher than average in each of the categories.

To have a newspaper editor publicly dismiss the inspired work of his hard-working colleagues across the country as pabulum was disappointing but not disheartening. He apparently did not see the first-person interview Lansing, Mich., did with a victim of clergy abuse or their groundbreaking interview with a faithful Catholic who happens to be gay. How about the gripping cover story Manchester, N.H., offered about a policeman's journey from advocacy to opposition concerning capital punishment, made more compelling by the fact that his journey occurred after his partner was killed?

Kudos to NCR for a thorough and well-reported article that gave FAITH Publishing and its client publications ample room to tell their underreported story. I call on my newspaper colleagues -- whom I know embrace the same mission I have -- to start recognizing that we're all in this together.

[Welsh is the editor of FAITH magazine and director of communications for the Erie, Pa., diocese.]


Erie. Pa.

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Author:Welsh, Anne-Marie
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Date:Aug 29, 2014
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