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Inspector (Jimmy) Cox: heads up.

When Brigadier General Jimmy Cox the Army's new Command Inspector visited CFB Petawawa last September, he inadvertently left his briefing book in the Officer's Mess. The steward who found the binder considered the contents so hilarious that Cox's notes were put on "circulation" throughout the barracks, and following that they were forwarded to Esprit de Corps Magazine. The soldiers had found it amazing that a Brigadier General would have to prepare a written, detailed script for every one of his phone calls. (ie: "Good morning, Rick, congratulations on your promotion and appointment. I am calling to inform you...")

However, what the troops found side-splitting was the text for the actual speech which their Command Inspector delivered to his unit commanders. At the end of the written copy it states: "it seems that some leaders do not live up to the standards they are obligated to impose on their subordinates. I have seen examples here that do not meet the minimum CF standards of dress and deportment (point out violators...) are to have your hair cut as soon as possible and report to me here, tomorrow morning at 0800. Your hair is to be clearly within standards." It is suggested officers expecting a visit from Cox should beat him to the punch and trim their locks. It'll leave their tiny Inspector General "speechless".

As for those in senior ranks who are "suitably coiffed" but robbing the system blind: fear not, because it is only the evil longhairs whom little Cox seeks.
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Publication:Esprit de Corps
Date:Mar 1, 1997
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