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Insignificant partiesforge an alliance.

23 least known political parties had forged an alliance nominating the former military dictator, General Pervez Musharraf, as their chief. All the parties grouped together did not bag one per cent votes in any general elections of Pakistan.

It seems to be a political gimmick staged by General Pervez Musharraf and his supporters still in the Pakistani establishment. Strangely, the man who destroyed the entire country and removed from the post of COAS and later from the Office of President of Pakistan unceremoniously is still thinking that he is popular and can stage a comeback as the Chief Executive of the country through elections.

His attempt to contest the 2013 general elections proved to be a disaster and he remained confined to his house to save himself from wrath of the people. The military dictator could not address a single meeting during the entire election campaign of 2013. He retained the political constituency of Chitral with an idea that he had undertaken some development work there.

But he was ignored by the electorates with deep contempt. A day earlier, he was aspiring to lead the united Mohajir Party as he considered himself as the most qualified and deserving Mohajir to lead the merger of MQM and PSP.

The next day he had changed his stance claiming that he is above ethnic and linguistic parties and it would be an insult for him to lead the Mohajir Party.It is known to all political observers in this country that he was instrumental in forming the MMA, sarcastically known as Mulla-Military Alliance which ended in massive victory for the MMA in KP and Balochistan.

In Balochistan alone, MMA (JUI) was given 19 Provincial Assembly seats making the party the dominating coalition partner in the Government headed by late Jam Yusuf.Even before joining the coalition, the JUI forced the Government to take out two former Provincial Ministers who were tried and convicted on the charges of corruption.

The pre-conditions of MMA (JUI) were met before its induction in the cabinet.It was Pervez Musharraf that made MMA de facto ruling party of Balochistan.

Yet another reason was that he wanted to given a message to the Americans that you have dislodged Taliban Government in Kabul and his had installed teachers or elders of Taliban in the Government of Balochistan and KPthe two trans-Indus provinces bordering Afghanistan.In other words, Pervez Musharraf had made Pak-Afghan border friendly to Taliban militants fighting the US invaders.

Thus the Taliban were allowed to expand their areas of operation in Balochistan and KP.It was the greatest disservice to Pakistan and its people as the Taliban turned their guns towards Pakistan in no time and attacked the security forces and also involved in killing tens of thousands of Pakistan, all innocent and non-combatants.

Since the new alliance has no mass base in the country, it will be ignored as General Pervez Musharraf is the most unpopular man and his subordinates in the command disrespected him for his unpredictable behaviour and conduct.For this specific reason, he was asked to surrender the command and later on presidency with an involuntary exile for an indefinite period.

This time, he may not enjoy the backing of the Pakistani Establishment for being a past commander.Thus he return is doubtful.

He will have to face the cases, including manslaughter and treason, if he returns on his own.The 23-party alliance may not help him to save his skin under the present judicial climate when the sitting Prime Minister was sent home unceremoniously and he was disqualified for life.

Pervez Musharraf may not dare to return the country under the hostile political climate.
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Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Nov 21, 2017
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