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Insight Tech Gear XTI Procyon Led.


They say "the devil's in the details," but after thorough examination of the Procyon's smallest details, we simply couldn't find any devils. In fact, we found no inherent faults or shortcomings, and lots of little positive details. For example, the compression-sealing back plate, which is held and compressed in place with a formed flat leaf spring. That's not unusual. What is unusual is you don't have to almost use a crowbar to release it, a C-clamp to re-close it, and after about 40 repetitions of this process, the back plate wasn't permanently skewed and loose. We've run into that before. Precise fitting and machining pays dividends in user-friendliness and longevity.

Operating the controls is simple and straightforward. Flip either of the ambidextrous levers down and hold for momentary-on. The levers are spring-loaded and pop back up upon release. Flip either lever up and they will stay in place for constant-on. For momentary-strobe mode, tap a lever down twice quickly and hold it there. For constant-strobe, tap a lever down twice quickly and hold in strobe, then flip the other lever up. Now you're in constant-strobe until you flip the raised lever back down. With this arrangement, they've made it relatively easy to engage the strobe, but not so easy you'll activate it accidentally. I like that. Note too, we tested operation with light flight and regular patrol duty gloves on, with no problem.

The Slide-Lock interface also deserves mention. It comes with the latch bar set up specifically for a mil-spec 1913 rail, and the Procyon fit snugly and smoothly on four handguns and two rifles so equipped. Four hex-head screws in the rails--two each side--allow you to micro-adjust it for a custom fit on out-of-spec rails with different widths. Once adjusted to yours, you needn't ever re-adjust it again. The Procyon also ships with a second, thinner latch bar for most commercial rail systems.

It's worth noting that not only has Insight provided maximum flexibility in assuring a precision fit for virtually all rail systems, but also, designing in the ability to replace worn rail interfaces and the latch bar shows they anticipated a long, long service life for this product. Many makers just don't do this, and their products become "consumable-disposable." www. insighttechgear. com

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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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