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Insight's open systems.

Insight's Open Systems

"The theme for Insight Distribution Systems in 1991 has been protecting the beer wholesaler's computer investment," reports Max Landman, president of Insight. "This is done by using open systems. Simply put, open systems mean you can move to the latest software without buying new hardware and vice versa - move to the latest hardware without buying new software."

According to Landman, the same Insight software now runs on both the IBM RS-6000 and Unisys S/4040 computers. Both use industry standard UNIX. "When the next generation of these open system machines come about," he says, "the same Insight software will run on them. Conversely, any software written for that next generation will work in the current one.

"Insight's unique approach to hand-held computers has delivered the same result," Landman says. "The same Insight software runs on the Norand model 4000 or the model 141. If a distributor currently uses model 141s and would like to add more, the newer model 4000s can be used interchangeably. The distributor is not forced to change his hardware in order to buy newer systems."

Building on their philosophy of open systems, Insight currently offers advanced single-source beverage systems, which include software, hardware, installation, classroom and on-site training, service and support.

Features of Insight's beverage software include route accounting, hand-held computer management, inventory control, spooling, communications, sale and discount analysis, forecasting and order control, general accounting, vending and the Insight report - 4GL report writer.

The company reports that Insight software applications run on the Unisys S/Series family of high-performance 32-bit computers, utilizing the UNIX System V operating system. In addition, Insight Distribution Systems is an authorized remarketer of Norand hand-held systems, Unisys computers and Genicom printers.

According to Insight, a purchase from the company entitles a customer to the benefits of a broad-based partnership. Insight says that it carefully examines each business before proposing a system, so that hardware and software are compatible with a company's needs.

Formal classroom instruction is included in the implementation plan, Insight reports, and the company's training specialists assist in setting up files on-site. Insight program classes are offered on an ongoing basis, with updated class schedules issued every six months.

Normal telephone support is available from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for a fixed monthly fee. Emergency phone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at an extra charge. Insight support specialists can also dial directly into a customer's system to run diagnostic routines and determine problems.

Software bulletins, new product and enhancement announcements and reference guides are regularly sent to Insight customers, the company says. In addition, for major new releases, Insight conducts free, nationwide seminars to bring customers up to date.

For more information, contact Insight Distribution Systems, 222 Schilling Circle, Hunt Valley, MD, 21031. Tel: (301) 329-1100.

PHOTO : Insight offers beverage industry software for use with IBM RISC 6000 open systems computers.
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Title Annotation:Insight Distribution Systems
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 20, 1992
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