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Insiders guide to hair: Getting to the roots of the shampoo and conditioner queries.

THIS week, Paul Stafford goes back to the basins to give you the best advice on choosing suitable shampoos and conditioners.

Q: I've heard that your hair gets used to your shampoo - so should you alternate shampoos to get the best results?

Paul: Hair isn't a living thing - so it doesn't 'get used' to anything. The purpose of shampoos and conditioners are to improve the appearance of the hair. If you have a specific hair type, are recommended a shampoo and it works, then it will continue to work. It's just you who gets used to it. The only reason for changing a shampoo is if the condition of your hair changes -due to chemical treatments, heat or sun exposure.

Q: Does everyone need conditioner?

Paul: Certainly there is a conditioner for everyone - but not everyone needs one. Different types of hair require different types of conditioning and the type of conditioner you choose will be based on your hair length, but predominantly on your hair type - e.g. porous, slightly porous, fine, thick, etc. The longer your hair, the more the condition of the hair shaft will deteriorate.

Hair is not designed to be very long - and so will not 'look after itself' if it is very long.

Hair is designed to cover the head and keep the head warm - the fact that we beautify it, cut it and alter its colour or structure is simply down to aesthetics.

If the hair is in a chemical state - through colouring or perming, then the condition of the hair shaft has been altered and will need conditioner regardless of length.

People who have very greasy hair may feel that they don't need a conditioner, but the reality of the situation is that it is the scalp that is greasy - not the hair.

Although the natural oil of the scalp gives protective and conditioning properties to the hair, unless your hair is very short, your hair will still need conditioned.

Q: Do two-in-ones really work?

Paul: Having a shampoo and conditioner in one is a contradiction in terms - shampoo cleanses and replenishes the hair while conditioner adds moisture to the hair and makes it smooth.

Two-in-ones tend to make your hair feel very soft and slippery - and greasy.

Very porous, dry hair may benefit from this but it gives the hair a dirty effect. Most people who try a two-in-one tend to find it very difficult to manage their hair afterwards.

They would be good for men who have dry, wiry, grey hair - and a very low maintenance style - where they literally wash and go.

However, so few people have these styles now, so they need to take a bit of time to achieve the look they want.

It may save time and/or money to use two-in-ones but in reality it's no way to treat your hair.

Q: Do men and women need to used different shampoos and conditioners?

Paul: People use specific shampoos and conditioners for specific reasons. The selection of your hair products should always be tailored to your own individual hair type and the best person to advise you on this is your stylist.

In essence, men and women can use the same shampoos and conditioners, but a married couple, for example, are unlikely to have exactly the same hair type so for this reason they will probably need different products.

Men's shampoos are based on perfume - they smell masculine and so appeal to the male consumer - but this has nothing to do with how the shampoo actually works.

Women tend to need more nourishing products if they have chemical treatments such as colours or perms. Men have narrowly avoided these scenarios since the death of the 80s and the dodgy footballer perm!

n If you have any questions you'd like to put to the experts, write to

The Sunday News - Insiders' Guide To Hair

c/o Paul Stafford Hairdressing

58 Stranmillis Road

Belfast BT9 5AA

Shampoos and conditioners

PAUL Stafford's Guide To Choosing Shampoo and Conditioner

Normal to moderately dry, slightly porous:

Shampoo: Bonacare Flexi-Care or gloss shampoo

Fudge The Shampoo

Conditioner: Bonacure Flexi-Care (leave in)

Bonacure Gloss conditioner (rinse out)

Fudge The Conditioner (rinse out)

Very dry, permed, porous and split ends:

Shampoo: Bonacure Repair Shampoo

Conditioner: Bonacure Repair Conditioner

Fudge One Shot (spray on, leave in conditioner)

Treatment: Bonacure Sealed Ends

Quick Repair Mousse

Total Repair Treatment

Fine and Flyaway:

Shampoo: Bonacure Anti-Grease or Deep Clean Shampoo (once a week)

Bonacure Gloss Shampoo (for regular use)

Conditioner - as normal hair

Treatment: Ducray Sabal

Coloured Shampoo: Bonacure Colour Stay shampoo

Conditioner: Bonacure Colour Stay conditioner

Treatment: Bonacure Colour Refresher

Scalp Conditions - Itchy Flaky Scalp and Dandruff

Dandruff: Bonacure Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Bonacure Exfoliating Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Ducray Selegel or extra Gentle Shampoo

Itchy Scalp: Ducray Kertyol or Elution

n Bonacure and Fudge are available exclusively from selected salons.

n The Ducray range is available from Boots.
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