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Inside the Glen Affric Brewery - the warehouse passed every day by thousands of curious commuters; Thousands of drivers pass by every day - so we took a look inside.

Byline: Josh Parry

Thousands of motorists using the Birkenhead tunnel pass by the Glen Affric brewery every day - but what exactly is it like inside?

Based in The Lightbox development, just to the left of the exit of the Queensway Tunnel, dozens of commuters are likely to have daydreamed about a detour for a quick pint on their way into the office - but for the McCormick family, a 'trip down the pub' has become their 9-5.

The family-run business, which has been open for just over a year, was dreamt up by business consultant and American-style beer fan Trevor McCormick and his family.

Trevor's wife Alison, and sons Craig, 27 and Calum, 23 - and even the family dog Jeter - all play a part in the running of the brewery, which also has its own on-site taproom for customers to sample their beers.

While working in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Trevor decided he'd start up the brewery with his sons after Craig, head brewer at Glen Affric, took up a job in Shanghai's first ever microbrewery Boxing Cat.

Although Craig and Calum were brought up in Hong Kong, they moved back to Wirral for High School and they both later went to university in Liverpool.

Calum, who studied animation, created the branding and logo for Glen Affric - which the family named after the town where their Scottish holiday home is based.

Trevor said: "The name comes from Glen Affric, where we have a bar. We wanted to open it there but there wasn't going to be enough space.

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"We've had a house on Wirral since Calum was born in '93 so we decided to open here because it had the space that we'd need.

"We had the idea a couple of years ago because we were in Shanghai when there was a real boom, and we went over to America and found we really liked the beers there.

"They're not the same as an English Ale, they have a certain style and they're not for everyone, but we love them - and we are really passionate about making something we'd drink ourselves.

"When we were first brewing we dumped a few batches because we want it to be absolutely perfect."

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Currently, the family have a 500l brew house, which they use to create eight different types of beer - four regular brews and four 'special' or 'guest' brews.

As well as brewing equipment, the brewery also houses an in-house taproom where customers can sample the beers on offer.

However it's not just human customers who can enjoy a treat, as the family dog Jeter also welcomes four-legged customers who are served dog biscuits home made by Alison.

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She said: "We make dog treats using the spent malts - there's no hops in them because they're poisonous to dogs - but they go mad for them.

"We give them out to the dogs that come in, and people love being able to bring their dogs in. Jeter has a few best friends now."

Head brewer Craig joked: "I think we're the only bar in Liverpool that treats the dogs better than it treats the customers."


Credit: Andrew Teebay

Look inside the Glen Affric Brewery in Birkenhead

Credit: Andrew Teebay

The draft beer menu

Credit: Andrew Teebay

Head Brewer Craig McCormick.

Credit: Andrew Teebay

Head Brewer Craig McCormick in the Tap Room

Credit: Andrew Teebay

The McCormick family who run the Glen Affric Brewery in Birkenhead including Trevor,Craig(Head brewer),Calum and Alison,and pet dog Jeter

Credit: Andrew Teebay

The family-run business, which has been open for just over a year, was dreamt up by business consultant and American-style beer fan Trevor McCormick and his family

Credit: Andrew Teebay

Beer at the Tap Room. .

Credit: Andrew Teebay

Glen Affric Beer.
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Publication:Crosby Herald (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 27, 2017
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