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Inside out: Health check.


FORMER Hollyoaks star Terri Dwyer, 30, is one of the nation's best-loved soap babes. Dwyer played Ruth Osborne for six years and is rejoining the cast this Christmas. She lives in London and is engaged to Sean Marley,commercial director of Mersey TV. How much sleep do you need? ``I can exist on between six and eight but I like nine.''

How do you feel first thing in the morning? ``Great,I'ma real morning person. Sometimes I get up and go straight to the gym before work.'' What exercise do you take? ``A lot,predominantly aerobics. I prefer classes to the gym.''

Are you careful about what you eat? ``Yes.I try to follow a low carbohydrate diet during the week,although over the last couple of weeks I do seem to have developed a weakness for chunky KitKats! I don't eat red meat or dairy.'' Are you or have you ever been overweight?

``According to my definition, yes,but not according to a GP. There's a weight I like to stay at, but I have to really fight to stay the re. I was two stone heavier when I was last in Hollyoaks, although anybody who was looking at me probably thought I was slim anyway. But now I'vegot a new contract I want to stay in top condition.'' Do you drink or smoke too much? ``I don't smoke but I do drink occasionally. I am not someone who drinks every week,it's probably just once or twice a month - but when I do,I get drunk. I don't actually like the taste of alcohol, so I'ma proper binge drinker, which is probably worse than having a little bit regularly! Over Christmas I'llprobably hold back a bit and have a few at New Year instead. I tend not to go in for the whole detox thing because I try not to let myself slip too far in the first place!'' What foods can't you bear to eat? ``Red meat and smelly fish like anchovies and crab.''

Have you ever been in hospital? ``I spent six weeks in hospital after a car crash when I was 18. I had a fractured jaw and broken arm and leg. I have also broken various bones riding horses when I was younger. I did a lot of show jumping and I was pretty kami-kaze about it.'' Are you happy with your body? ``No.Like most girls,I always want to be thinner. I don't think I'dever be happy,because I've been in industries that make you very obsessed.''
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 23, 2003
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