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Inside Air Travel.

New York (AirGuide - Inside Air Travel) Tue, Aug 27, 2013

Japan Airlines will introduce new in-flight service on Honolulu flights Japan Airlines (JAL) will introduce new in-flight service on Honolulu routes and new services in Honolulu, starting from this fall. JAL will offer new in-flight meal service from Japan to Honolulu in collaboration with star chef and popular restaurants from September 1, 2013. In addition, the airline will expand new services in Honolulu from October. 1. In-flight meals The successful in-flight meal service from JAL's flying restaurant (JAL Bedd-Sky Auberge) will be introduced on Honolulu routes from September, 2013. Business Class "Bedd for Resort" crafted by star chef Chikara Yamada, starting from September, 2013. The Japanese menu for 1st meal is seasonal autumn salmon with ginger-fried pork and Western menu is steak of Japanese beef fillet with special sauce prigueux made by "Yamada Chikara". Available routes: Flights from Tokyo (Narita), Nagoya (Chubu) and Osaka (Kansai) to Honolulu Blood orange Juice from Sicily with refreshing breakfast are provided in the flight from Tokyo (Haneda) to Honolulu. Economy Class JAL Kitchen Gallery, a flying restaurant will introduce new in-flight meal service on Honolulu routes in collaboration with popular restaurants in Japan and famous restaurant chain in Hawaii. JAL will provide menu of "Ore-no Kinaishoku for Resort" on Honolulu routes in collaboration with Ore-no French and Ore-no Italian which are popular restaurants in Japan. Kazuhide Nose, Chef of Ore-no French and Toshihiro Yamaura, Chef of Ore-no Italian are working together to design JAL original in-flight meal service, "Ore-no Kinaishoku for Resort" with the reference from the popular menus in their restaurants. Main dish is Ore-no Beef Stroganoff, designed by Chef Nose with Side dishes and dessert considered by Chef Yamaura are Ore-no Zensai, Ore-no Salad with truffle oil dressing as well as Ore-no Sweets -Derramisu, will be provided between September and November 2013. The airline will offer Italian main dish designed by Chef Yamaura as well as French side dishes and dessert designed by Chef Nose between December and February 2014. Available routes: Flights from Tokyo (Narita), Nagoya (Chubu) and Osaka (Kansai) to Honolulu.

2. New services JAL will provide new services on Honolulu routes including both in-flight services and services in Hawaii. In order to ensure passengers have adequate time for rest, the airline will change the service time of in-flight meal from after take-off to before landing for the flight departing from Tokyo (Haneda) at 23:40 from October 1, 2013. Special place is available for ladies' make-up in the flight departing from Japan. The 4 seats in the rear of the Economy class will be set up for Ladies' make-up from October 1, 2013. This place is also available for nursing, too. JAL original music performed by Jake Shimabukuro, a famous ukulele artist from Hawaii will be played during the boarding and getting off period of flights between Tokyo and Honolulu. Tue, Aug 27, 2013 AirGuideOnline ISSN 1544-3760


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