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Inside ACTE: news from the Association for Career and Technical Education.

This month, career and technical education professionals from around the country will gather in the nation's capital for the annual ACTE National Policy Seminar (NPS), March 6-8 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C. NPS has always served as the premier forum for informing attendees about federal legislation affecting CTE and arming the CTE community with a unified message to take to federal legislators on Capitol Hill.

This year, attendees will gear up to address concerns over Perkins funding and reauthorization, together with a range of workforce and education issues, as the new 109th Congress faces tight budget constraints and a busy national agenda. With a shared interest in gaining full federal support for CTE, attendees will lend their voices to help ensure that policymakers understand what is at stake for our nation's students, workforce, and economic development as Congress considers important decisions regarding the future of CTE.

NPS will kick off on Saturday, March 5 with a special pre-conference session featuring legislative expert, Michael Brustein. This session will give attendees insight into the most significant administrative, programmatic and fiscal issues under the current Perkins statute, and address questions of how to effectively manage Perkins funds. In addition, the session will provide information on how No Child Left Behind will likely impact the Perkins reauthorization in terms of new sanctions, academic achievement and teacher qualifications.

Also, on Sunday, March 6, featured keynote speaker Peter Hart, one of the nation's foremost analysts of public opinion, will talk about the aftermath of the 2004 election and what public opinion is saying about education in America.

Lastly, attendees will visit Capitol Hill to talk to lawmakers and Hill staff about the importance of funding and policy improvements for CTE programs and the value that CTE brings to many areas of our society.

We hope ACTE members will continue to stay abreast of the legislative activity affecting CTE by staying up to date on NPS activity, paying attention to ACTE legislative alerts, and using the new online Legislative Action Tool Kit to advocate for CTE on a local level. It is especially important this month that you give a portion of your time to making your voice heard in your community in support of CTE and as a follow up to NPS.

Visit as your one-stop source for the information and resources to help you engage in CTE legislative action.

Cliff Weiss Memorial Essay Conlest Winners

ACTE has announced the winners of the 2005 Cliff Weiss Memorial Essay Contest. This marks the first year of the contest, which is named in honor of former ACTE Director of Communications Cliff Weiss (1951-2004).

Katty Kellogg of Stratford, Missouri, was named as the winner in the postsecondary education category. Kellogg, who attends Ozarks Technical Community College, addressed the topic, "How have your experiences in CTE helped you prepare for your future?"

Megan E. Myers, the winner in the secondary education category, answered the same question in her essay. Myers attends West Muskingum High School in Zanesville, Ohio. Each winner will receive $250.

ACTE congratulates Kellogg and Myers, whose submissions were selected from hundreds of entries by a panel of judges. You can read both of their award-winning essays in next month's issue of Techniques.
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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