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Insecurity package.

ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The resistance to the "security package" is so strong that criticism is coming nearly from every part of society. Both from news outlets inside and outside Turkey, I've read dozens of articles opposing the draft bill, arguing that nobody will feel secure if the draft bill becomes real. "Freedom House says security package undermines democracy in Turkey," "Amnesty International warns Turkey becoming authoritarian towards critics" and "Human Rights Association opposed the security bill draft" are some of them.

My organization, the Human Rights Agenda Association, made a press release last week and requested that the Turkish Parliament reconsider the draft. Unfortunately, more than half of its articles have been accepted by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputies as of today. I think it will pass through Parliament and the president will approve it immediately.

As every human rights group, opposition party, bar association, legal expert and independent columnist shares the idea that this package will undermine democratic values and human rights standards, why is the AKP government forcing it through?

In my opinion, they discovered the power of creating tension in the last five years. If you increase the tension in a relationship, extensions become more careful and cling to the main body. The AKP members call this "keep the arrays firm," and this ensures that they rush to the next step with enormous seriousness, even it creates hatred towards them. Hatred feeds the tension, so it creates an infinite loop that will carry on until one of the parties acts in a different way.

The AKP faced a shock during the Gezi protests. The events of Dec. 17-25 were another shock for it. Fallouts over foreign policy, especially the falling out over the Syria policy, put pressure on the top AKP administrators such that they feel quite insecure now. The limited number of AKP intellectuals who are able to understand this frustration are feeling more insecure; thus, they wholeheartedly support this antidemocratic bill. President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an, as the one and only voice and decision maker of the AKP, is the most insecure-feeling one. According to Twitter whistleblower Fuat Avni, Erdoy-an ordered an armored bus for his use during the election campaign. We can read nearly every day that the team of personal bodyguards for him or his family has changed; they are receiving threats every day. It doesn't give a secure sense of living or a healthy mental condition at all. If the AKP is equal to Erdoy-an, then this security package is just Erdoy-an's security, although it creates enormous insecurity for others. In fact, there is now a paradox: As this package goes forward in accordance with Erdoy-an's wishes, it diminishes public security as a whole. It is directly related to Erdoy-an's perceived and mental insecurity.

This package will cause great insecurity for the rest of the public. By the way, it looks like this insecurity triggered some hilarious expressions of humor. There is a video spreading over social media showing two Spanish anchors who cannot speak because they are laughing so hard. Smart Turkish opposition members wrote subtitles that relate to corruption in general. In the video, two Spanish men are speaking about how they managed to get away with corruption and how they complained about a fictional "parallel structure conspiracy" when they were caught red-handed. The video, named "To our surprise, the thief was Spanish," is now spreading on the Internet. We are laughing at our miserable and tragic situation.

The Dalai Lama said, "A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity." Erdoy-an has to give our public security back, withdraw this package and do some introspection.

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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Feb 27, 2015
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